July 28, 2016

Declassified: The True Tale of Project Orion.

Artist's conception of an Orion vessel about to depart from Mars orbit. (Credit: NASA). Ever wondered if man will ever head to the stars? Certainly, the magnitude… [more]

Declassified: The True Tale of Project Orion. Declassified: The True Tale of Project Orion.

Astro-Challenge: Daytime Planet Spotting!

A daytime Venus post-occultation in 2007! (Photo by Author). Here’s a fine neighborhood experiment to try. Next time the Moon is around 1st or Last Quarter, show… [more]

Astro-Challenge: Daytime Planet Spotting! Astro-Challenge: Daytime Planet Spotting!

Astro-Event: What’s in a Name? Black & Blue Moons through 2020.

The August 2011 Full Moon rising as seen from Astroguyz HQ. (Photo by Author). (Note: This week’s lunar-related event is a fitting tribute to the life of astronaut… [more]

Astro-Event: What’s in a Name? Black & Blue Moons through 2020. Astro-Event: What’s in a Name? Black & Blue Moons through 2020.

30.10.2012: A Weekend of Apocalyptic Fun at the NecronomiCon!

How many Baktuns in a Pectun again? (Credit: Stone Hill.org). The “busy ‘Con season” for Astroguyz has arrived. Sure, it may have came and went with only one event,… [more]

30.10.2012: A Weekend of Apocalyptic Fun at the NecronomiCon! 30.10.2012: A Weekend of Apocalyptic Fun at the NecronomiCon!

Week 4-The Quest for Dark Skies: Into the Appalachians.

A very slender Moon... (All photos by Author). The mountains always beckon. In the end, all astronomers must heed the call of dark, pristine skies and head into… [more]

Week 4-The Quest for Dark Skies: Into the Appalachians. Week 4-The Quest for Dark Skies: Into the Appalachians.

The Top Astronomy Events for 2013.

It has arrived. Welcome to our official guide to the fascinating, the unique, and the down right bizarre in the realm of astronomy coming to a sky near you in 2013.… [more]

The Top Astronomy Events for 2013.   The Top Astronomy Events for 2013.

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Running in Essaouira, Morocco

Goats… in Trees! Headed to the beach in Morocco this summer? Our recent adventures along the country’s Atlantic coast brought us to the “Windy City of Africa” Essaouira. And, as is always the case, our thoughts rapidly turned to the eternal question of ‘where to run?’ without twisting an ankle.


Update: Following the Known Unknowns

Exploring Azemmour. Greetings from sunny Morocco. We fully planned this week on writing up a full runner’s guide to El Jadida, we really did. We did make a short stop there for five days earlier this week, en route from Casablanca to Essaouira. And we even did a few reconnaissance runs around our suburban neighborhood. [...]


100 Words to Know in Any Language

Say what? (Photo by author). Sometimes, we’re traveling so fast and passing through regions with several languages, that we never do learn them properly. Such is our current predicament in Morocco, a glorious mix of French, Arabic and a dash of indigenous Berber mixed in. Now, we’ll admit that we’ve taken classes in both French [...]


Running in Casablanca

Scenic El Hank lighthouse at sunset. Most tourists briefly transit the port city of Casablanca en route to further afield. And while the largest city in Morocco is more of the economic engine of the country than a touristic stop, it’s one of those towns that dot each region filling a vital role: it’s a [...]


Running in Morocco

Rocking the Kasbah along the Rabat waterfront… It’s here. Remember a few weeks back when we wrote about keeping up a running regimen while traveling? Well, we forgot one of the most important moving parts of the whole shtick: where to run. If you travel and stay at hostels and Air BnBs like we do, [...]

Travelling Sick

Traveling Sick – Barfing Up Abroad

What’s in your travelling medical kit? It’s a reality we plan for, nearly every excursion. Sickness, injuries, and health issues are a fact of life, and an extra stress while traveling. It can also be extra stressful when you’re traveling solo, and there’s no one to run out to the local pharmacy and pantomime for [...]


Travel and Skepticism: On a Ride Not Taken

Timeless wisdom… Do you park your brain in neutral when you travel? Indie travel really pulls you out of your element and plops you down wide-eyed in a new and strange place. More than ever, this is the time when you need to be alert to your new surroundings, not buried face-first in your smartphone… [...]


Wandering Through the Medina

The alleyways of Assilah, Morocco. This week, we’d like to talk about the importance of not having a plan. Sure, we’ve talked about the virtues of careful planning during any impeding trek in the past, and how it can make or break a trip. What we want to address this week might be better termed [...]


Crossing the Pillars of Hercules

Follow the arrow… We’ve arrived. As we mentioned in last week’s dispatch, our mission this past weekend was to exit Spain into Morocco, for a brand new 90 day reset on our visa… and of course, to explore brave new lands. First off, everything went off with ‘nary a hitch. We ditched the rental in [...]


Crossing Continents

The Pillars of Hercules beckon… Image credit: Dave Dickinson There’s an old adage that says no battle plan actually survives combat, and the same could be said of travel. This weekend sees us on the move once again, getting ready and in position to jump across the straits of Gibraltar from Spain into Morocco.


Keeping a Running Regimen on the Road

How many pairs of footwear do YOU travel with? How do you maintain an exercise regimen whilst traveling? And no, we’re not talking about skipping down to the hotel gym before buffet breakfast, although we’ve done that as well. We’re talking about staying true to a regimen while independently traveling.


Waiting for Mercury: Tales of Transits

Our humble station. There’s another insidious danger that awaits unwary solar astronomers. This coming Monday on May 9th, the planet Mercury transits the fair face of our host star as seen from our Earthly vantage point. Unlike, Venus, Mercury is tiny, meaning amateurs everywhere will be scrambling to make solar filters for their telescopes this [...]


Book Review: The Nebula Awards Showcase 2016

On sale now. Ready for some of the very best in science fiction? Every year since 1966, the Nebula Awards recognize the best of the best in all that is speculative fiction. It’s a tough call, sure, boiling and distilling down the field from all of the diverse and excellent sci-fi prose that’s out there. But [...]

Air bnb

Adventures With Air BnB

Working by the fire… Wow. Let me tell you about our latest addiction. As long time fans of this weekly column know, we’re long time travelers. We’ve stayed in many a hostel and hotel of various configurations, and we’ve always thought that there should be another niche, something between a weekend hotel and a full [...]


Where We’re At: Updates From the Road

We can now see Gibraltar from our workspace… Well, our time in Jimena de la Frontera is just about at an end. It has been a great stay in a tiny Andalusian white pueblo town, a foothill village topped with a stunning 9th century Moorish castle. We suspect you’ll be hearing more about Jimena soon, [...]


Astro-Image Processing: How Far is Too Far?

NOT a fake… Image credit: Dave Dickinson Alright. We’re going to touch on a hot button issue in astrophotography on this week’s soapbox rant. After years of watching the discussion come ’round, we’re going to add our two cents. When it comes to post-processing, how far is too far? When is an image no longer [...]


A Peek at Our New Tale, ‘Peak Season’

On Sale Now! We couldn’t resist. Our latest science fiction tale is live and available on Amazon.com, and we thought this weekend that we’d harken back a bit and offer readers the first 1000 words free. You can read Peak Season and other original scifi tales by your’s truly in their entirety.   Peak Season [...]


Astronomy on the Go

A lucky shot from Seville, Spain… (Photo by author) Do you always remember to look at the sky, wherever you are? Sometimes, an astronomical event comes to us, but often, we have to instead go to it. Total solar eclipses or witnessing the northern lights from the high arctic comes to mind. It’s easy to [...]


Road Rules: Driving Internationally

Driving abroad… it’s not all ‘clouds and castles.’ (photo by the author) Well, we finally picked up our rental steed at Seville airport in Spain this week. Driving and renting while traveling internationally has its pluses and minuses; it can give you the flexibility to really get out into the countryside on your own schedule…


Travel Old and New

A confirmed vertical sundial sighting in Seville, Spain… (photo by the author) The more things change, the more they stay the same… or do they? This past week saw us change basecamp from Cadiz, Spain to Seville. No huge move, just a few train rides and a short hike with the luggage. We always love [...]


Tramping Around Old Cadiz

Not a bad way to spend winter… All photos by the author. Well, one week into country, and we’re settling in to our very first international Air BnB in Cadiz Spain. The oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe, the old walled city of Cadiz is very walk-able. In fact, we’ve taken to jogging the perimeter [...]

Nebula Awards Showcase 2015_cover

The 2015 Nebula Awards Showcase

On sale now… Looking for the very best in science fiction? Along with the Hugos, the Nebulas honor the very best of the best in sci-fi without the -y’s. Reviewing the Nebula awards has become a sort of institution here at Astroguyz as well, and serves as a great way to not only digest the [...]


Getting There: Adventures in Space-A Travel, Part 2

Our ride to Spain! Photo by Author. We caught the flight! Last week, we discussed our adventures with Space Available military travel, and how we were stranded in a holding pattern at Norfolk, Naval Air Station awaiting a flight to Rota, Spain. Well, turns out the fifth time is the charm, and we now find [...]


Adventures in Space A Travel

Eternally pack’d… Photo by author. Wanna travel the world for free? Well OK, it’s no big surprise that nothing in this reality is truly free, and what you save in money, you generally end up paying back in time and effort. Hungry? You can hunt (time) and scavenge (effort) to cook a meal from scratch [...]


Moved by Gravitational Waves

Where history was made… LIGO Hanford. Photo by the author. By now, you’ve heard the news: Gravitational Waves have been detected by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) for the very first time. We’re now in a post-gravitational wave detection phase of astronomy; as a species, we can now examine the universe in a mode [...]


The Lions and Tigers of Spring Hill, Florida

Rajah the Siberian Tiger up close and personal. (all photos by the author). Ever wonder what’s in you very own back yard? We recently journeyed for months around Florida, bouncing from the Atlantic Space Coast back to the Gulf of Mexico side, only to discover that adventure was only ten miles down the road.


Exploring the Largest Telescope in Florida

An amazing scope! (all photos by author) Florida isn’t known for ideal dark skies and astronomy. Humid bug-filled nights, coupled with hazy washed out skies make for less than optimal viewing conditions to say the least. The state does at least host warm temps, making the wintertime an ideal season for astronomy. Along with a [...]


The Flavors of the Days: Exploring St. Augustine, Florida

Vertical sundial sighting in St Augustine (all photos by the author) Wanna explore an East Coast city with a European feel? We had a chance to do just that yesterday, as we poked around and explored the streets of old Saint Augustine, Florida. This was one of the first true ‘adventure days’ we’d had on [...]


Review: Vigilantes by Kristine Katherine Rusch

On sale now… Ready for some legal action of astronomical proportions? This week, as part of our campaign to wrap up some of the review books we received last summer after our return back to Florida from our great American road trip, we’re reviewing Vigilantes out from WMG Publishing by prolific author Kristine Kathryn Rusch. [...]


Traveler’s Tales of Gravitational Waves

We brake for gravitational waves… (all photos by author) This past week the science community held its breath, as rumors swirled once again that researchers had accomplished direct detection of gravitational waves. Sure, we’ve been down this road before, but with Advanced LIGO (the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) resuming operation in late 2015, there’s good [...]


Hacking Entertainment on the Road

On fire with the Amazon Firestick (All photos by the author) Just because we’re homeless, doesn’t mean we have to live like savages. This week, we’d like to tackle something that we researched a bit over the past year, and found very little straightforward information on online. Being a TV Zero family on the road [...]


Hitting the Road for 2016

Our next ride? A KC-135 tanker over MacDill Air Force Base Happy New Year 2016! As the calendar flips, we’re planning on trying something new here at Astroguyz. Actually, its something old. As we mentioned last month, we wrapped up our Astronomy Video of the Week and Free Fiction Friday to take this blog back [...]

The Syzygy Gambit

Free Fiction Friday: Solar Winds-The Syzygy Gambit Part 6

On sale now. Here it is, the action-packed conclusion to our third tale set in the solar winds universe. Don’t forget to start back on chapter one, or you can read The Syzygy Gambit and other original tales by yours truly at our Amazon author page. And stay tuned for a special announcement at the [...]

The Syzygy Gambit

Free Fiction Friday: Solar Winds-The Syzygy Gambit Part 5

On sale now! Ready to tear the solar system asunder? Can’t make it to Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Here’s our latest free fiction Friday offering from 2222 AD and the Solar Winds universe.  Don’t forget, you can read this tale and other original works of fiction in their entirety, and be sure to start [...]

The Syzygy Gambit

Free Fiction Friday: Solar Winds-The Syzygy Gambit Part 4

On sale now! Dear Solar Winds fans… here’s this week’s installment, another extended helping of space opera action and adventure. Like what you read? be sure to start back at part 1, or read the entire story and other original tales by yours truly.   Solar Winds: The Syzygy Gambit Part 4 by David Dickinson [...]

The Syzygy Gambit

Free Fiction Friday: Solar Winds-The Syzygy Gambit Part 3

On sale now! It’s out! We’re pleased to announce that our third installment of the Solar Winds saga, The Syzygy Gambit is published and available, along with other original sci-fi tales by yours truly. This week, we thought we’d step things up a notch, and give fans a larger excerpt/serving than usual, so we can [...]

Skiing eclipse

Astronomy Video of the Week: Skiing the Eclipse

A screen-cap from the Svalbard eclipse documentary. Image credit: Salomon FreeSki TV What’s more thrilling than a total solar eclipse? Mounting an expedition to capture one from a unique and unseen angle… A recent team from Salomon Freeski TV did just that. Earlier this year, a total solar eclipse graced the high arctic. A few [...]