March 4, 2015

Declassified: The True Tale of Project Orion.

Artist's conception of an Orion vessel about to depart from Mars orbit. (Credit: NASA). Ever wondered if man will ever head to the stars? Certainly, the magnitude… [more]

Declassified: The True Tale of Project Orion. Declassified: The True Tale of Project Orion.

Astro-Challenge: Daytime Planet Spotting!

A daytime Venus post-occultation in 2007! (Photo by Author). Here’s a fine neighborhood experiment to try. Next time the Moon is around 1st or Last Quarter, show… [more]

Astro-Challenge: Daytime Planet Spotting! Astro-Challenge: Daytime Planet Spotting!

Astro-Event: What’s in a Name? Black & Blue Moons through 2020.

The August 2011 Full Moon rising as seen from Astroguyz HQ. (Photo by Author). (Note: This week’s lunar-related event is a fitting tribute to the life of astronaut… [more]

Astro-Event: What’s in a Name? Black & Blue Moons through 2020. Astro-Event: What’s in a Name? Black & Blue Moons through 2020.

30.10.2012: A Weekend of Apocalyptic Fun at the NecronomiCon!

How many Baktuns in a Pectun again? (Credit: Stone The “busy ‘Con season” for Astroguyz has arrived. Sure, it may have came and went with only one event,… [more]

30.10.2012: A Weekend of Apocalyptic Fun at the NecronomiCon! 30.10.2012: A Weekend of Apocalyptic Fun at the NecronomiCon!

Week 4-The Quest for Dark Skies: Into the Appalachians.

A very slender Moon... (All photos by Author). The mountains always beckon. In the end, all astronomers must heed the call of dark, pristine skies and head into… [more]

Week 4-The Quest for Dark Skies: Into the Appalachians. Week 4-The Quest for Dark Skies: Into the Appalachians.

The Top Astronomy Events for 2013.

It has arrived. Welcome to our official guide to the fascinating, the unique, and the down right bizarre in the realm of astronomy coming to a sky near you in 2013.… [more]

The Top Astronomy Events for 2013.   The Top Astronomy Events for 2013.

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Mars One

Going to Mars: Reality Versus Reality TV

The harsh reality that is Mars. (Photos by author). How is Mars One like Amway? Last month, the Mars One project announced that its initial candidate pool of 600 candidates had been whittled down to 100. Excitement then swirled around the ‘net and the space community immediately following the announcement, as local media plugged the [...]


Astronomy Video of the Week: An Arctic Total Solar Eclipse!

A ‘diamond ring’ seen at the end of totality during the 2008 solar eclipse. Credit: NASA/Exploratorium The month of March sees the beginning of meteorological and astronomical Spring in the northern hemisphere. March also gives us another reason to celebrate, as the first of two eclipse seasons for 2015 begins. 2015 features 4 eclipses — 2 solar [...]


Free Fiction Friday: The Hunt For Beagle Part 9

It’s Friday, and here without further fanfare is the conclusion to our Mars-spanning adventure The Hunt For Beagle. You can start back at chapter 1 and read the entire tale here a chapter at a time on Astroguyz, or read the tale in its entirety over on Enjoy! The Hunt For Beagle by David [...]


A Close Pre-Historic Brush with Scholz’s Star

An artist’s conception of Scholz’s Star and its brown dwarf companion passing through the outer solar system. (Credit: Michael Osadciw/University of Rochester). A fascinating announcement out of the Astrophysical Journal caught our eye last week, as researchers announced that a newly discovered star made a close pass through our very own solar system some 70,000 [...]


Astronomy Video Of the Week: Seeking Ceres

Ceres on February 12th, 2015 from 52,000 miles distant (Credit: NASA/Dawn). Getting closer… Fresh off of its exploration of the asteroid 4 Vesta in 2011-2012, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has been delivering some pretty mind-blowing images of the largest asteroid of them all: 1 Ceres. Dawn just passed the quarter million mile distant mark from Ceres [...]


Free Fiction Friday: The Hunt for Beagle Part 8

And here it ’tis… chapter eight of our young adult, Mars-spanning adventure! For Chapter One, head here. You can read The Hunt for Beagle in its entirety over at The Hunt for Beagle Part 8 by David A. Dickinson Andrea’s mom, Alexi, got off the call. She breathed hard and sighed. “They say all [...]


Happy 85th to Pluto!

An artist’s conception of New Horizons passing Pluto and Charon. Credit: NASA/JHU APL/SwRI/Steve Gribben Where were you in 1930? If you were American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, you were announcing the discovery of a curious object caught moving through the constellation Gemini just the month prior.


AVOW: Watch the Launch and Docking of Progress 58 Live

Progress-58P rolls to the launch pad. Credit: Roscosmos. It’s back! By popular demand and the never ending quest for content, we’re proud to be reinstituting one of our most popular features from over the years here on Astroguyz, the Astronomy Video Of the Week (AVOW). Hardly a day goes by in our online adventures that [...]


Free Fiction Friday: The Hunt For Beagle Part 7

…and here it ’tis: Part 7 of our Mars-spanning adventure The Hunt For Beagle. You can read the entirety of the tale, or start from Part 1 online. Expect more tales from the Solar Winds Universe to come!


2015: The Year We See Pluto Up Close

An artist’s conception of New Horizons at Pluto. Credit: NASA. The late American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh got a birthday present yesterday when NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft released an image of Pluto and its moon Charon. Born in 1906, Mr. Tombaugh would’ve been 109 this year. And although yesterday’s image snapped by New Horizon’s LORRI navigational camera [...]


Free Fiction Friday: The Hunt For Beagle Part 6

And here it is… our weekly offering of free and original fiction with chapter 6 of The Hunt For Beagle novelette. You can find lots more over at our Amazon author page! Go here to start from Chapter 1. The Hunt For Beagle by David Dickinson Chapter 6 By Martian local noon, Andrea had begun [...]


Free Fiction Friday: The Hunt For Beagle Part 5

Here it ’tis; this week’s installment of our young adult Mars-spanning adventure. We’ve got lots more original science fiction available over on our Amazon author page!   The Hunt for Beagle by David A. Dickinson Part 5 Andrea was amazed how clear the sky was, out from under the Saganopolis dome. The entire trail of [...]


Free Fiction Friday: The Hunt for Beagle Part 4

Here it ’tis… part 4 of our Mars-spanning adventure The Hunt For Beagle. This puts us neigh half-way through the tale… head back here to start from Part I. If you want to check out more stories in the Solar Winds universe featuring an older Ms. Makati  — and some original tales outside of it — head [...]


Free Fiction Friday: The Hunt for Beagle Part 3

Here’s this week’s installment of our Mars-spanning adventure set in the Solar Winds universe. Read it as a stand alone, or start back on Chapter I.  Or read The Hunt for Beagle in its entirety! The Hunt for Beagle Part III by David Dickinson   It wasn’t hard for her to summon up the time [...]


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Free Fiction Friday: The Hunt for Beagle Part 2

As promised, here’s part II of our Mars-spanning epic. Also be sure to check out last week’s Part I, and read The Hunt for Beagle in its entirety. The Hunt for Beagle by David A. Dickinson Part II They donned light excursion suits shortly after dusk and headed outside. The night was cool and calm and [...]


Free Fiction Friday: The Hunt for Beagle Part 1

It’s here! As promised in 2015, we’re going to start offering excerpts from some of our free scifi novelletes, all available on Amazon for a few shekels. This week’s first story is set in our Solar Winds universe, and hey, if you’re not careful, you’ll get a lesson or two on early space exploration history [...]


Dark Skies 2014: The End of the Road… for Now.

Life on the road… (All photos by the author). The time has come. Every alpha must have an omega, and this week sees us bringing our 2014 expedition to a close. Since June 1st, we’ve hit 37 of the 50 states in the U.S., and toured the four corners of the lower 48 contiguous states [...]


Week 30: Closing the Circle in Macon, Georgia

A Grinch Xmas tree! (All photos by the author). We’ve done it. This week sees us close the circle in our 2014 trek through the “lower” 48 contiguous United States. The auspicious event occurred in the state of Georgia just north of Macon, which was our final press stop for the 2014 tour. Fans of [...]


Week 29: Rolling into Memphis

45s at Stax Records… (All photos by the author). The circle is almost complete. This week sees us pass a crucial milestone, as we begin month seven on the road. We’ve now been continuously traveling longer than ever before, as we surpass our former record set back in 2007 when we completed our six month [...]


Week 28: Giving Thanks in Fort Worth, Texas

Release the cows… (All photos by the author) So, what did YOU do for Thanksgiving? Turkey Day is rapidly becoming our #2 favorite holiday behind Halloween. Unlike holidays such as Christmas or Easter, Thanksgiving is pretty much secular, with no rites needed as a barrier to pass before you can eat your cake, or pumpkin [...]


Week 27: Crossing Panhandles

Downtown Oklahoma City. (All photos by the author). If you’re like us, you’ve made that long drive across the state of Texas many, many times. The state is larger than many countries, and in fact was a nation long before joining the U.S of A. Anyone in the U.S. Air Force is familiar with Texas, [...]


Week 26: Of Peppers, Parks and Plutonium in Santa Fe

A first: A snow-frosted Astroguyz mobile. (all photos by the author). Well, we headed northward in our trek across New Mexico this week, and winter weather was there to meet us.  We knew it would happen sometime, and the gloves, hats and jackets are now out in full force. Luckily, the town of Santa Fe, [...]


Week 25: Seeking Secrets in New Mexico

Climbing the dunes at White Sands National Monument. (All photos by the author). New Mexico is one of the most clandestine states in America. The first atomic bomb was detonated here at Trinity Site in 1945, and most of the drama of the Manhattan Project at the end of World War II played out here. [...]


Week 24: Yearning for Yuma

A U.S. Army launch vehicle on display at Yuma Proving Grounds. (All photos by author). You just never know what you might find in your own backyard. This past week saw us transit from our Arizona adventures in Tucson to the town of Yuma. Located far in the southwestern corner of the state, Yuma sits [...]


Week 23: Return to Tucson 2014

Eclipse! All photos by the author. I remember well the first time we laid eyes on Tucson and the desert southwest of Arizona way back in late 2001. As we came up over Texas Canyon from New Mexico and the expansive basin ahead stretched out before us, we were greeted by a terrain that was [...]


Week 22: Back on the Road and into Arizona

Astro-sculpture sighting: Urania, the Muse of Astronomy in Salt Lake City (All photos by the author). They say that you can never go home again, but sometimes, you can still visit those old stomping grounds. This past week we’ve been heading in just such a direction as we crossed the border from Utah back in [...]


Week 21: Eclipse Chasing Across the Nevada Desert

Hanging with Astro-Lab at Cathedral Gorge! (All photos by author) You just never know where the next saros cycle will find you. We managed to wrap up the Nevada leg of our current journey over the past week and have since stopped briefly in Utah for a minor rest cycle. Of course, when travelling, this [...]


Week 20: Flying High Over the Sierra Nevadas

Flight! Taking to the air with Soaring NV. (All photos by author). You’ve never truly flown until you’ve taken to the air in a glider. This past week saw us cross the state of California from west to east, and depart Santa Rosa after last week’s adventures and cross over the Sierra Nevadas into the Silver [...]


Week 19: Redwoods, Red Wine and Winding Roads

Along the rocky beaches of northern California. (All photos by the author). You get a whole different perspective on the state of California approaching it from the north. I liken it to our experience with Italy, versus our first impressions of Egypt or Thailand. Frequently, a traveler’s first experience with a country is exiting the [...]


Week 18: Spanning Oregon

Taking flight at the Evergreen Air and Space Museum. All photos by the author. Have you been to all 50? We checked off another U.S. state on our “life list” this past week, as we traversed the state of Oregon from north to south. It was a whirlwind trip that was perhaps one of our [...]


Week 17: Crossing the Cascades

Trotting across Long Beach… (All photos by author). Coming to the U.S. Northwest was strangely like coming home. The past week of our travels saw us slow down a bit, as we crossed from the central part of Washington to its Pacific coast. You could almost smell the flannel in the air as we journeyed [...]


Week 16: Into Washington State

A waxing gibbous moon rises over the fields at Cherrywood Vineyards. Think Washington is exclusively rainy skies, overpriced coffee and grunge rock? Think again… Well, this past week we’ve wrapped up our Idaho adventures after a brief journey eastward to Wallace and the Center of the Universe and crossed the Evergreen State.  And while Seattle [...]


Week 15: Shooting the Rapids and More in Northern Idaho

Running the Payette River… (all photos by author). “Get set to get wet” should’ve been our mantra over the past week, as we journeyed north of Boise into the Idaho panhandle. Of course, we always thought of the northern stem of the state as more of a chimney, but hey, if you think of a [...]


Mathematical Curiosities by Alfred S. Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann

On sale now. Today, we’ll delve into the exciting and exhilarating world of mathematics. Wait, wait, come back… This week we’ll be looking at Mathematical Curiosities: A Treasure Trove of Unexpected Entertainments out from Prometheus Books by Alfred S. Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann.


Week 14: Dunes, Craters and Dark Skies

A ‘heiligenschein selfie’ at craters of the Moon, Idaho. (All photos by author) Think you know Idaho? If you’re like us, up until about a week ago, you had visions of Idaho as the “other” potato growing state. But this past week has taught us otherwise, as the state hosts mountains, deserts, lava fields, and [...]


Week 13: Crossing the Continental Divide

The Wyoming Infrared Observatory atop Mt. Jelm. All photos by the author. Ever wonder where east meets west, geographically speaking? This past week saw us hitting the road once again and crossing the great state of Wyoming, nicking Montana for a couple nights, and then entering the state of Idaho for the first time. An [...]