February 23, 2020

Dune by Frank Herbert

Dune is a landmark Sci-Fi novel. The original book eventually spun off several sequels and prequels, as well as a movie and a much improved†Sci-Fi channel adaptation.† I would also bet money that a certain Mr Lucas used it as an inspiration for the Star Wars saga, although I’ve never seen it mentioned.††Similiar concepts were first pioneered by Herbert, such as a pivotal desert world, a mystic order, a†Messiah, and a medival world of emperors†and princesses juxtaposed in a†space-faring society.† About the only point they vary on is the issue of artifical intelligence.† In the Dune world,†thinking machines have been shunned†as oppressors and replaced by Mentats.† One could argue that the author’s motives may have been to perpetuate a universe were a Messiah would be inevitable.† It also sets up a fully fleshed out universe perhaps only rivalled by Lord of the Rings. Central also to the underlying†religious†theme is the dependence on the Spice, required foremost by the Spacing Guild for faster than light navigation.†This sets up a pivotal dependency similiar to that for modern day crude oil. Themes of Jihad are also foreshadowed by†Dune; the Fremen of Arakis bare a striking resembleance to the Bedouin peoples of the Middle East.††On the astronomical side, I’ve also seen reference that the Arakis of lore is supposed to orbit†Capella, a real star in the constellation Auriga.† This comes from an Encyclopedia of Sci-Fi Places I once perused, but I’ve never seen it referenced in†any of the Dune books or modern prequels.†† Of all the Dune books written, if I could only recomend one, it would be the ground-breaking original.


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