August 23, 2019

The Stormcaller

I have a love/hate relationship with multi-book stories.  On the one hand, thank goodness finishing the first or second book doesn’t mean the ending of a relationship with the world and characters with whom I’ve been spending time and have made friends.

On the other hand, if the series is brand new, I really, really hate having to wait the year or two it takes to get back to the story.

And on the other hand (yes, I know I’m referring to an unlikely three hands), I’ll have to reread the previous book…just to refresh.  Darn.

So it will go with The Stormcaller by Tom Lloyd.  It is both his first book AND the first of the multi-book series The Twilight Reign.  I love this story.  It has many of the elements one expects in a fantasy story.  It has the world in which all the action happens (i.e.,The Land) and the map that defines it. It has politics. It has deities and their eccentricities and demands. It has ensorceled weapons and armor…with names, histories and consquences!  It has awesome battles. It has traditional fantasy characters — mage’s, dragons, elves, as example.  However, Lloyd offers other and wonderful twists to this tradition, too.

Take the mages as example.  They go to school to refine their trade.  The College of Mages is a source of wisdom.  It trains mages in all foci.   One could become a ‘battle mage’ for example, in addition or instead of serving in the more traditional role of sage advisor and teacher.

Then, when was the last time you saw vampires with their mysterious and dark natures added to the aforementioned mix? And there are new classes and races of character, too.  Like our hero, Isak, who is a White Eye — a large, strong, charismatic, volatile race who “…were created by the gods to bring order to chaos.”  This nature adds interesting and unexpected twists to the story line, for certain.

Look also for secret societies and groups that seem to my eyes to be metaphorical representations of similar in our own real world.  Some artifacts, too, are representative of earthly lore but with a fantastic twist.

This story pulls the reader through it with ease.  The relevance of the title is not revealed ’til much later in the book, but it is explained.  The twists and turns and new character introductions are never so obtuse that one has to look back in the story to figure the connection. Just in case, though, and I love this in a long story, there is a ‘Dramatis Personae’  to help tweak the memory, if it’s needed.

Another thing I noticed of this book.  It can stand on its own…there is a conclusion of sorts…a conclusion that also serves as a jumping off point for the next installment.  You COULD stop…if you could.

I do recommend this book…heartily.  You’ll find yourself in the half of the love/hate equation that does not want to wait for the next installment, but will be happy to ‘have’ to reread The Stormcaller before book two releases…an eternity from now, in my opinion.


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