May 25, 2020

Astro-Event of the Week: 03.30.09: 100 Hours of Astronomy!

This week’s shout-out is not an event in the skies above, but a global happening right here on the good ol’ planet Earth. On April 2nd thru the 5th, the International Year of Astronomy (IYA) 2009 culminates with an unprecedented global event: 100 Hours of non-stop Astronomy!

Planetariums, museums, clubs, observatories, and just average enthusiasts world wide are planning major bashes/events… check out their website for an interactive map of events occurring near you! In addition, there are major event webcasts planned via UStream in case you are clouded out or live in places like Alert, Canada… or you can organize your own shindig and submit it to the cause! Rumors are the White House may event host a Star Party, a historic first! You may ask; where might there be a confirmed Astroguyz sighting? Well, the Gainesville and Sarasota, Florida events are equidistant from Astroguyz HQ… I may ask if they require an extra tube or two, plus an operator!

This week’s word is… Astronomy! Ah…back to the basics. The term comes from the Greek astros (star) and nomos (law). Probably the oldest of the sciences, astronomy involves the study of phenomena beyond our Earth and atmosphere, although both aforementioned objects do occasionally interfere. A challenge to you, on this weekend of 100 Hours of Astronomy (said it, again!) and the IYA 2009 in general; lets get out there and set the public straight on the difference between astronomy (science…) and astrology (not science!) It’s a mission and cause I’m sure we can all rally around (forget that pesky Plutoid business!) Tell ‘em sent you!

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