June 5, 2020

Going Under

This is the third in the Quantum Gravity series by author Justina Robson.  It is the further adventures of Special Agent Lila Black and her unlikely retinue.  This is my third reading of a sequel before the original.  This time, I wanted to put down this book and go back to the first, Keeping It Real, almost immediately!  I found myself hungry for more info about Lila, her two husbands, the necromancer residing in her chest, and the ubiquitous imp Thingamajig on her shoulder. I wanted answers and now!

First, this woman is never alone, and she’s the only human (somewhat) and the only woman in the bunch. She’d been nearly killed by a magic blast in an earlier book, and I wanted to know her before all her mechanical enhancements, which are extremely cool, by the way.

Then, as always happens with me when genres collide, it took me a while to stop trying to separate the sci fi aspects from the fantasy aspects of the story and just to accept them as the new genre they are — Science fantasy, a wonderful fusion of my favorite distractions.

Robson’s description of the physical aspects of the varying fae, demons, elves, imps, and even Lila herself are wonderful. Color is an important cue with demons, for example, and Lila’s black mechanical enhancements and their variously morphed states are enticing. So many characters can change aspect, that I felt something was missing.  Although I greatly enjoyed reading this book, for the first time in a very, very long time, I wanted pictures to go with the text. In my humble opinion, this series — if the volumes I’ve yet to read are as this one — so lends itself to graphic novel format that a lot of good could be gained offering it in both formats…or maybe just an illustrated novel version. Or maybe an animated version is what I’m wanting.

No matter! This book was a roller coaster ride of a read. I cannot wait to read more.

Sabrina Fobes


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