August 21, 2019

Review: The Twilight Herald

The Twilight Herald by Tom Lloyd is Book Two in the trilogy The Twilight Reign.  I read the first book in the series , The Stormcaller, several months ago and was immediately taken in.  I cannot say how thrilled I was to read the second installation in the same year!  I have been so looking forward to it.

And I have not been disappointed.  Lloyd continues building the tapestry with Isak, the young white-eye, at its center.   Isak is not a perfect hero, which makes him more relatable.  His learning curve is rapid, his skills prodigious, his friends and followers fiercely loyal, and his enemies and unlikely allies fascinating and memorable.

In this book, there is an malicious force at work in the city of Scree.  All manner of beings are drawn to the city and worked into the fabric of the drama –  figuratively and literally, as it happens.  We are led via these various characters to a dark and dramatic finale that is, at the same time, no finale at all.  Scree is returned to its residents, but at such high cost.  All are marked by the events at Scree.

The family Vukotic, the vampires in the weave, are painted as rather noble but tortured creatures and behave as such.  I am particularly taken with this derivative of vampire.  Each teller of vampire tales adds his or her own twist to the legend.  There are certain rules that follow the fictional race, but a conscience is certainly the exception.  It works well, here.

There are other things at play in the story that are of definite interest, as well.  There are magical skulls, each with a name and a different something to offer who holds it.  As with many magical artifacts, traditionally, the price of ownership and/or use of a skull is massive.  The deities, major and minor, are fallible and can be petty.  The populace is frequently pawns in the games of the mighty.  The white-eye race is developed with others beyond Isak.

I have nothing but high praise for Tom Lloyd and this series. The careful and rich development of plot and characters is exactly right, in my opinion.  As with The Stormcaller, I have no reservation in recommending this book.

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