August 21, 2019

Review: The Grave Thief

The Grave Thief from Pyr Books, the next installment in The Twilight Reign series, finds everyone in shock at the events in Scree and evaluating where next to go.

Another level of intrigue is added in this book as human/deity alliances are forged and broken and hard decisions are made and kept.  Magic is more prevalent, too.  Tom Lloyd’s ability to tie together intricate and various threads of plot is a wonder.  I assumed, wrongly I might add, that this was the third installment of three.  Based on the cliffhanger ending, that is not the case.

The long-term plan of Azaer, the big bad, is starting to be understood by the heroes and their troops, and the will of the good guys to stand to the death and succeed is more clear to Azaer.  Lloyd’s characters grow and change right before us.  Lloyd shares the challenges of their decisions and the pain of their growth through the eyes of those characters.  It is a very effective means of communication to the reader, and has me looking for more.

Tom Lloyd’s writing, the story and the characters themselves are all very good reasons to invest in this series.  I’ve read a lot of this genre in my time, and I am not at all disappointed by The Twilight Reign.

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