August 21, 2019

Book Review: This Crooked Way

Morlock Ambrosius, the focal point of this story, is an old, odd, bent over man, who is simultaneously mysterious and transparent; pleasant and gruff; helpful and in the way. Whatever one might say about Morlock, he does weave an interesting story around himself.

The Crooked Way is, I think, a description of how Morlock’s goal in this story is attained. It certainly is not a direct route, and he certainly does not get there alone or unaided. What’s wonderful about this story is the telling. It’s not all third person with Morlock at the center. It starts and ends that way, but in the middle are interludes, and chapters told from the perspective of those brought in to Morlock’s maelstrom.

This device is highly effective, because the plot goes forward as the narrator changes. So, we are not hearing the same moment in time from different perspectives, but different moments in time from different perspectives. I’ve not seen this done this way before, and I truly liked it.

Also, there are interesting roadblocks put into the plot; interesting antagonists; interesting settings; very interesting twists and turns.

In sum, I have not read the first Morlock book, Blood of Ambrose, but I am definitely going to have to go back to it. Morlock is an interesting character, and Enge’s writing makes him more so. If you’re looking for a new author to read, give James Enge a go. I’m betting you’ll enjoy the trip.


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