August 21, 2019

Book Review: Chasing the Dragon by Justina Robson

Chasing the Dragon by Justina Robson is book 4 in the Quantum Gravity series. The heroine, Lila Black, is back with her entourage, and is fifty years in her own future, but only 15 minutes later than the ending of Going Under (Book 3). The dimensions have melded into one. Demons, elves, faeries and humans are crossing back and forth with abandon.  Her rock star, elf husband is mostly dead. Her demon husband Teazle is caught up in a conflict in Demonia.

Lila is still figuring out who she is; is still contending with her cyborg self.  She is still both a victim of humman emotion and a machine that reacts appropriately to threats. She is still an endearing character.  The character development is ongoing and circumstances and learning progresses for Lila.

There is a plethora of characters of all races, living and not-so-living. The many changes between dimensions are not as confusing as they could be. It’s clear when the reader is on Otopia, in Demonia, or elsewhere.  My favorite things, however, are Lila’s morphing clothing – which dresses her as it wills, frequently inappropriately and often funny, and mostly not as Lila would prefer – and her sword, which is currently hiding as a pen.

It takes a little reading to get into the rhythm of this book and the real action begins roughly half way through, but it’s still an interesting read.

I still say these books would make marvelous graphic novels.


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