June 4, 2020

Review: Of Poetry and Podcasts.

This week, we break from the traditional book review format to bring you two pieces of unique science fiction from our copious errata sheet. We’re going to break with convention and be totally partisan and instead present you with an original venue and a podcast piece that has floated through our collective radar and are worth checking out;

First up is the Dwarf Stars anthology. Published by the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA), this yearly collection presents the best in short form science fiction poetry. Never heard or read a word of Speculative poetry or Scifiku? You’ll find it all here, the Science Fiction that the SyFy channel isn’t letting you see or read. Last year’s award winner was “Bumbershoot,” by Howard V. Hendrix, and was included in the outstanding 2010 Dwarf Stars Anthology. Some of our faves where;

-The Surface of Venus by Geoffrey Landis, a visit to the Planet of Love;

-Stockholm Syndrome by J. E. Stanley, or how to relate to your alien abductors, and;

-Top Five Reasons Not to Rebel Against Your Alien Overlord by Jennifer Schwabach. (The title says it all!)

What we really like about the SFPA in general and the Dwarf Stars collections in particular is the beyond grass roots approach, the feeling that these tomes give you that make you want to go out and pen your own piece.

Wouldn’t a Science Fiction poetry corner rock cable? Are you listening, SyFy?

The next point of order is a shout out to a Sci-Fi podcast that caught our ear. Fans of this space will recall our recent review of the Drabblecast, a science fiction/strange tale podcast that is routinely the best in the business. They ran a fascinating tale a few weeks back in episode 191 entitled Primary Pollinator by Nichole Kimberling. This story featured a world were indentured humans were forced to act as surrogate pollinators for a species of intelligent trees, but we loved its message of evolution versus altruism. You may not like this game we’re all forced to play, but occasionally, we might just get a chance to shuffle up the genetic landscape a bit. In fact, we liked the story enough that we gave it the unheard of tribute of listening to it twice. Primary Pollinator is up for best feature story in 2010, and needs your help. It’s up against some pretty stiff competition, and currently running a distant fourth behind the also outstanding The Last Great Clown Hunt by Chris Furst. Give Primary Pollinator a listen, and if you like what you hear, flood the Drabblecast message board with votes… the vote will most likely close this weekend when episode 200 comes out, so time is short. Now is the moment to make a difference in Drabblecast and strange fiction history… Tell em’ Astroguyz sent you!





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