January 25, 2020

10.05.11: Itís a CSA Tweetup!

CSA Astronaut Julie Payette aboard STS-127 (Credit: NASA/CSA).

A social media phenomenon has now spread beyond U.S. borders. Recently, the Canadian Space Agency has announced †that it will hold its first ever Tweetup May 13th at 10:00-11:30 AM EDT in conjunction with the unveiling of a new exhibit at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum entitled Living in Space. The event may be tiny, with only 10 randomly selected participants plus guests, but trust me, as a veteran of two NASAtweetups, these are fun events to attend! Canadian astronauts will be on hand to answer questions, and the whole event will be carried live on the Canadian Space Agenciesí website. True, registration may have closed yesterday, but the good news is that you can still participate. Any given tweetup event extends well into cyber-landÖ nowís the time to follow the CSA (@CanadianSpaceAgency on Twitter) and watch our spot (@Astroguyz ) for links, hashtags (#CSATweetup?) and more infoÖ letís get this party started and trendingÖweíd love to see a future filled with JAXA, ESA and UKSATweetups trending worldwide. Frustrated that old school media isnít reporting on space? Trust me, traditional media is taking notice of Twitter; from this yearís tsunami to the raid on bin Laden, more people are reporting that they heard the news first on Twitter. Letís turn out the retweets for this weekís CSA ďFirst Ten!Ē

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