June 6, 2020

18.10.11: All Hail the Necronomicon!

Invading planet Earth this weekend!

In the Saint Petersburg, Florida area this weekend? Let me turn you on to one of Tampa Bay’s premiere events; the Necronomicon, a convention of all things science fiction, fantasy and horror which celebrates its 30th anniversary in a ‘fest of all things wacky and weird. This year, Hugo award winning author Ben Bova (Millennium, Out of the Sun, and the Grand Tour series) will be the guest of honor, and the ‘Con will feature piles o’ panels, events, and a unique masquerade ball known as the Necronomi-Prom… like its Lovecraftian namesake, it all promises to be a weekend celebrating all that is wild and uncanny in the realm of alternate fiction spanning Friday, October 21st until the 23rd at the Hilton Bayfront in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

On a personal note, I am humbled that our astronomical/blogging expertise has been requested to assist with the Friday night star party starting at 8PM, and the solar observing-fest at 5PM Saturday afternoon. We’ll also be expounding our two cents on panels discussing the Rewards of Teaching in Science and How you too can Become an Astronomer, and live-tweeting at @Astroguyz throughout. Speaking of which, you can also follow the Necro-goings on by following @Necronomicon_FL.   We’ll also be roaming about and sitting in and listening to various panels; Using Historical Facts in Your Fiction, Promoting Yourself, and Just How do You Write a Sex Scene? Pique our yearning-to-be-a sci-fi-author-who-is-asked-to host-a-big-shot-convention interest.

For our part, we’ll be providing the “full tour of the universe” package, as we hunt out and take requests for astronomical targets with our trusty C8” from downtown St. Pete. If its visible and above the local horizon, we can find it.. and if not, we’d love to discuss it! The planet Jupiter is sure to be the big attention draw as it approaches opposition next month, but we may nab Venus, several double stars of note, and perhaps a bright satellite pass or three… who knows, a stray Orionid meteor may even grace the event! We’re also prepared to observe the goings-on of our nearest star with both visible and hydrogen alpha-equipped filtered telescope(s); activity on the Sun has finally started to pick up this year after a long minimum as we head towards solar maximum around 2013. So come on out, put on your best Vulcan ears, dust off that storm trooper uniform, and be sure to stop by and discuss Life, the Universe, the habitability of the Klingon home world, and whatever is on your mind… see you at the Necronomicon!


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