April 5, 2020

25.10.11- Astroguyz at the 2011 NecronomiCon!

The ultimate in solar protection!

We came, we saw, we hung out with zombies and folks dressed like Iron Man at the 2011 NecronomiCon convention in Saint Petersburg, Florida this past weekend! A great time was had by all, as we celebrated all that was science, science fiction and fellow genres of horror and fantasy. Fans might have caught us on such panels as Math & Science in Everyday Life (which I was placed on at the last minute), The Rewards of Teaching Science, and You Too can be an Astronomer. We got to rub elbows with such notables as Craig MacDougal of the Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers, and hey, Ben Bova signed my copy of Leviathans of Jupiter! (Expect a review to be forthcoming).

Words from sci-fi master Ben Bova…

Night-time and solar viewing also went off without a hitch, as Jupiter and the our nearest star cooperated and gave us not only a shadow transit of Io, but a plethora of solar flares and sunspots to captivate and entertain. We also made a star party showing later Saturday nite at Starkey Park in New Port Richey, setting a personal record of 3 star parties (as in the Sun is a star, too!) in 24 hours. Comet Garradd was a hit from the deep sky site, and hey, ROSAT made a dusk showing, zipping from horizon to horizon in less than a minute hours before its death plunge.

But I think the most fun was to be had simply mingling with the denizens of the Necronomicon. Here were fans, writers, both published and aspiring (such as myself!) and just the plain curious. Science Fiction is a fan-driven genre, and this has been true since the era of photo-copied and stapled fanzines through to today. We noticed a visible lack of Klingons and Vulcanoid species, and an abundance of Steam-punkers, Goths, (well, it is the NecronomiCon!) Vampires and various other undead types, as well as those who slay them… a switch in sci-fi demographics? Someone needs to get a Steampunk flagship series (are you listening, SyFy?) out to address this huge fan base… might I recommend Mark Hodder’s outstanding Burton & Swinburne series…

Another solar observing convert!

All in all, it was a great sci-fi filled weekend, one that we would repeat again next year. Thanks to Ann Morris, all at Stone Hill.org, the outstanding staff at the St Pete Hilton Bayfront, and the countless characters that populated the universe of the 2011 NecronomiCon… Mr. Lovecraft would be proud!



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