June 2, 2020

Review: Boneyards by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

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Never get between a gal and her anacapa drive… this week, we take a look at book three and the final (?) installment from the Diving into the Wreck series, Boneyards, out this month from Pyr Books and written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.  Fans of the series and this space will remember our review of the City of Ruins installment which saw Boss and her team discovering a fully functional (and crewed?) Dignity Vessel in a depot buried deep within the bowels of a planet. Boneyards continues the adventure, taking the saga back in its realm of deep space, as the galactic powers that be vie to possess the ancient technology that would give them each a technical edge. Boneyards is the most fast-paced of the three novels, and spans several timelines leading up to an epic showdown climax. Bosses’ salvage operation has grown from a one-girl/one-ship operation, but her convictions remain the same. The ancient Dignity Vessels were powered by a Faster-Than-Light drive known as the anacapa, a powerful and terrible device whose use and operation is not fully understood. The story focuses on the plight of Squishy, one of Bosses’ subordinates who has gotten herself in a bind with the Empire. Will Boss risk the fate of her business and use the tempestous tech to save a friend?  I particularly like how the series presents us with a fresh new universe, complete and original. It also demonstrates that history and progress proceed with a sort of “punctuated equilibrium,” not a steady pace that most of us perceive. Tech may become forgotten, but it’s difficult to put the genies back in the bottle, once you let ‘em out. The entire Diving series also brings us back to a universe where space is what it should be; a hostile realm not meant for man. Think of the strong-willed Boss as a fiercely independent Han Solo-type in a Lovecraftian Alien-style universe. Only there’s no Wookies or acid-for-blood beasties here, just a terrifying technology that could tip the power balance forever. Boss runs a tight ship in the form of the newly refurbished Nobody’s Business 2. I would put my money on Boss against any of the strongest female leads in science fiction such as Princess Leia or Battlestar Galactica re-imagined’s Kara Thrace (aka Starbuck) any day. (Fun exercise, can you name more than a half dozen strong female science fiction leads? There’s obviously room for more!)

Which brings us around to another observation; the Diving into the Wreck series cries out for a film/television adaptation of its own! Here is something fresh and original, not a retread of a previous series or a further attempt to mine the depleted depths of the comic book pantheon… c’mon, sci-fi fans, let’s get Boss and team to the Big Screen… restore the majesty of the Dignity Vessels and the ancient Stealth Tech!

Next Week; we’ll “dive” into some serious mathematics with a look at all that is 1.618033…. in The Glorious Golden Ratio by Alfred S. Posamentier & Ingmar Lehmann… it’ll be “None more mathier!”



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