February 22, 2020

The 2012 Rhysling Awards.

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Ahhhh, summer. School’s out, hurricane and monsoon season is in, and the Earth approaches yet another aphelion in its annual trek around the Sun. And with the Academy Awards still over half an orbit away, Hollywood can once again return to its summertime box office passion of simply “blowing things up”. But perhaps your cerebellum thirsts for something more of an intellectual bent; well, OK, with maybe just a FEW zombies, vampires, and explosions…

Good news; it’s that time of year for members to vote on all that is Science Fiction Poetry. Long time fans will remember our passion for the genre as well as our surprise that the art form is alive and well in the form of the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA). Since 1978, SFPA has brought its readers the best in all that it Speculative Fiction prose, with a dash of Sci-Fi-Ku and more. This week, we wanted to give a special shout out as voting is open for members until July 10th, 2012 for the vaunted Oscars of Science Fiction Poetry, the Rhysling Awards. The 2012 Rhysling Anthology is hot off the press this spring, so you can brush up and make a truly informed decision on what is, after all, one of the more crucial choices you’ll make in this mortal existence. (Well, that and the purchase of a new DSLR camera…)

Not a member yet? Why not? It’s easy, and starts at $30 US dollars well-spent. Just think, that’s less than a typical IPhone users’ weekly budget in Apps, right? And for that low, low stipend, you’ll receive the by-monthly Star*line digest, as well as dibs to vote on said Rhyslings and the Dwarf Stars Award. How hip is that?

Past memorable recipients for the Rhyslings read like a who’s-who of modern science fiction; this is a sub- sub genre that is gaining steam, especially with the recent renaissance of flash fiction.  A quick list of the current nominees for 2012 is available on the SFPA’s site. I won’t try to sway you towards any particular lines of prose, as I’m in the crucial-decision making stages myself. Last year, the winners were announced at Reader.con in Massachusetts last July; no word has been given as of this writing as to when and where the Rhyslings will be announced this year, but we’ll be sure to pass it along once we know.

I do enjoy science fiction/speculative poetry for just the pure art of it. As a wanna-be writer myself, belting out a quick poem or flash fiction parable can serve as a great mental “leg-stretcher”.  As we’ve said before, speculative poetry is “where it’s at, man,” the hidden smoky warren of uber-hip science fiction writers desperately working against yet another terrible made-for-SyFy movie. Read ‘em, join their growing legions, but above all, get out there and vote by July 10th; hey, it’ll give you rights to encourage and/or slag each other off in forums, tweets and what not for yet another year!

Next week; from speculative poetry speculative astronomy, it’s the fascinating worlds of “What If” with Many Skies!

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