April 3, 2020

Week 6: Homeward Bound.

Sights near & far!

(All photos by Author).

Home. As Mad Max might say, “wherever you go, well, there you are,” but in the end, it’s great to come back into your own domain. Well, at least until you look at the pile of mail and backed up writing projects (such as finishing this six week article) that lies ahead. But just as Batman has his Batcave and Superman has his Fortress of Solitude, we too have Astroguyz HQ, wherever on this Big Blue Marble it might currently be located. The last week of 2012 saw us make the pilgrimage from South Carolina across Georgia and back into the great state of Florida.

We departed Charleston with one final swing around the historic Battery to cool our heels for Christmas on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Another great little stop along the Sea Islands of the Intercoastal Waterway, and very jog-able. We couldn’t resist a brief sojourn back over to Beaufort, South Carolina for a visit to the very amicable Rhett House. Our stay on Hilton Head at the Inn at Harbor Town was very relaxing, in a realm where golf reigns supreme.

Our final stop of the journey was Amelia Island, Florida, the southernmost of the Sea Islands. Located just east of Jacksonville, Amelia Island is a wonderful stop and an easy-going introduction to the Atlantic coast of Florida. Pirates once made Amelia their home-base before Florida became a state in 1845, and this free-spirited tradition is reflected in the colorful history of the island. Our first stop was the Elizabeth Pointe Lodge, a charming old bed and breakfast located right on the beach. From there, we explored the history of the island at the Amelia Island Museum of History, filled with lore and tales of those days of yore. Did you know that no less than SIX flags have flown over Amelia Island? And of course, we’re always on the lookout for nautical gear with an astronomical purpose;

AVAST; a compensating binnacle!

It’s also definitely worth your time to take a local sail with Amelia River Cruises along the environs of Amelia Island; in fact, Cumberland Island just north of Amelia in Georgia is only accessible by boat. There you can see the remains of Dungeoness Mansion estate built as James Oglethorpe’s answer to that playground for the uber-rich, Jekyll Island located just to the north. The island is also host to a colony of wild horses and a cornucopia of wildlife;

Wildlife along the shores of Cumberland Island.

Our second stay was at Hoyt House. Located in walking distance of Main Street, Hoyt House is a relaxing B & B which combines old world elegance and new world convenience. For dinner, Tapas at España Restaurant just a 5 minute stroll away can’t be beat. It’s worth strolling around the downtown area just to soak up the laid back vibe and take in the historic buildings and architecture;

The main street church…

True dark skies are accessible on the nearby islands for those with boat access; Amelia Island also sports a fine RV/tent camp site directly on the island at Fort Clinch State Park.


Insert caption here!

But alas, the journey seemed to be over as soon as it was begun. For a brief retrospective, we’ll point you to the previous weeks of this noble online journal;

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Who knows what traveling adventures 2013 holds in store? Stay tuned!

Whichever way the wind blows…

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