May 26, 2020

Watch Today’s Annular Eclipse Live From Australia!

Ready for the first solar eclipse of 2013? As we head toward the start of today’s annular solar eclipse, we thought we’d do something special and offer you an embedded player to watch the eclipse live from Australia. There’s no word on whether the broadcast embedded below will be live from the path of annularity or if the event will be a deep partial from the location presented, but hey, its worth checking out! For a complete discussion of today’s annular eclipse, see our write up on Universe Today.

The eclipse is set to begin at 21:25UT/5:25PM EDT, and I’d watch for the broadcast to go live about that time.

Enjoy the show, and follow the hashtags #ASE2013, #RingOfFire & #AnnularEclipse on Twitter for updates on all of the action!

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