June 4, 2020

May 2013: This Month in Science Fiction

Welcome to a new and exciting monthly feature from yours truly here at Astroguyz.com. As you know, when we’re not creating science and science fiction literature, we’re consuming it with gusto. This is a tradition that goes back to the halcyon pre-internet days of our youth, when books and Space: 1999 reruns were “what there was…” We may well now be in the new Golden Age of sci-fi, where great new material is being produced at an ever increasing and exponential rate. To this end, we thought it would be fun to present a monthly roundup, a list of honorable mentions to keep an eye out for. We’ll still be doing our weekly Friday highlight reviews, as well as our end of the year roundups. So, without further fanfare, here are some of the highlights of the genre that is sci-fi for May 2013;

The Road of Danger by David Drake: Officer Adele Mundy and Captain Daniel Leary are back in this offering from the master of military sci-fi. Rebellion, extortion and interplanetary politics are on tap as a routine mission to quell a coup is not what it seems. It’s a lethal combination of politics and interstellar war in this Baen original!

Fire with Fire by Charles E. Gannon: Adventure is at hand in the year 2105 as Caine Riordan uncovers a conspiracy of intergalactic proportions. Humanity has just begun expansion into local space via faster-than-light travel, but an unknown entity seeks to curb that expansion. Keep an eye out for an ultimate diagram of interstellar shift links and a handy appendix of alien accords, always a nice thing to have when venturing out into interstellar politics.

Hope Reborn by S.M. Stirling & David Drake: Get ready for action, intrigue and far-out military strategy as Raj Whitehall battles not only barbarian hordes but the bureaucracy of his own civil government. This novel presents the first two books of the 2003 General Series, The Hammer & The Forge in one complete set for the first time. And don’t miss the extensive maps and strategy diagrams presented in the book as an added bonus.

A Rising Thunder by David Weber: Honor Harrington is back in this all new adventure from the New York Times Best-Selling series. She may have been trained to face off against the Republic of Haven, but what does one do when the enemy remains hidden? Fans of the series will not be let down as Honor Harrington defends Manticore and the Star Empire Honor is sworn to defend in a way that only she can!

Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance by Lois McMaster Bujold: Ever the reluctant hero, this latest novel of the Vorkosigan Saga sees Captain Ivan Vorpatril in search of the quiet life as a staff officer on the backwater world of Komarr, away from military action and his nagging mother. But the good captain cannot resist the cries of a damsel in distress and the intrigue that is sure to follow. Expect stratagems, space opera dramatics and dusky blue skinned aliens in the latest from this New York Times Best Selling author.

Transgalactic by A.E. Van Vogt: A giant in the world of science fiction, many would place Canadian Sci-Fi author A.E. Van Vogt in the same class as Clarke or Asimov. Transgalactic is a reprinting of his 2006 short story anthology representing some of the finest works that the author has to offer. Transgalactic presents us with the entirety of the Clane saga which looks at caste warfare and disparity in a post-apocalyptic world. As an added bonus, the collection also contains the full-length novel Mission to the Stars, enough to make any Vogt fan proud.

The Star Beast by Robert A. Heinlein: By now, longtime readers of this site will know that we grew up on a steady diet of Heinlein, from Space Cadet to Farmer in the Sky and much more. In fact, it’s not a stretch to assert that Heinlein was key to making science fiction a reputable genre of literature as well as giving birth to the sub-sub genre of military sci-fi. Thus, it’s great to see his 1954 classic The Star Beast get its due with a 2013 reprint. While critics continue to argue which work of Heinlein’s was indeed his “greatest,” he was a consistently top-notch writer at whatever he set his mind to. Originally serialized and appearing as Star Lummox in the venerable Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, The Star Beast shows us the greatest bond that can exist between a boy and his alien pet. But what happens when said pet grows beyond its owner’s control, and more mysterious yet, when the fate of the planet and humanity hangs in its inscrutable balance?

World Divided: Book Two of the Secret World Chronicles by Mercedes Lackey with Dennis Lee and Veronica Giguere:

Based on the massively multiplayer online role-playing game City of Heroes, a World Divided Book Two follows the exploits of Belladonna Blue, Vicki Nagy & John Murdock as they repel Nazi-robots, the Thule Society and the dark an sinister forces behind them.  Will the meta-hero organizations of the Russian CCCP and Echo go on the attack? Will the maniacal and evil super-geniuses defeat both the Thulians and our beloved cast of heroes? Book two should satisfy the thirst for fans of the game and the first book to return to the epic struggle of alien-super science against super-humanity.

Children of the Gates by Andre Norton: Prepare for adventure, ye who enter the realm Zacar and more. Children of the Gates contains within it two classic Norton tales: Here Abide Monsters and Yurth Burden. Expect realms of fantastic warfare, fairy legions and compelling drama!

House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion by David Weber. Lost in Honorverse? Wonder what the Project Ghost Rider insignia looks like as you design that uniform for next year’s DragonCon? The Honorverse Companion is a complete guide to the worlds of Honor Harrington as well as a complete new short novel, I Will Build a House of Steel. This guide comes complete with the graphic representations as ribbons, uniforms and spacecraft, a true collector’s item!

That rounds up our very first installment of this month in sci-fi… let us know what you think! It’s you, the fans that make a good site great!


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