June 7, 2020

Space Video Of the Week: Watch Today’s EVA Live!

Its back… we’re resurrecting our “Video of the Week” posting here on Astroguyz. Expect nothing but the best, as we cull ye’ ole Web for historical footage, astronomical simulations and live events, such as today’s Extra Vehicular Activity outside of the International Space Station.

This will be the 22nd U.S. EVA from the ISS. The action is set to begin this morning at 8:10 AM EDT/12:10 UT, and will feature U.S. NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy and European Space Agency Astronaut Luca Parmitano exiting from the Quest airlock.

This EVA is scheduled to last for six hours, and will involve several maintenance tasks to prepare for the eventual disposal and replacement of the Pirs module later this year.

Nauka, a former backup for the Zvezda module, is slated to replace Pirs and is set for a launch date of November 30th, 2013. This unit has been re-designated as the Russian Multi-purpose Research Module. Of course, this is all tentative with the catastrophic launch failure of a Proton rocket with three Glonass satellites last week.

Live video from your Android device on Ustream

This is the 4th ISS EVA of 2013. Another EVA is scheduled for next week on July 16th.

Cassidy and Parmitano will also be replacing wireless video equipment, as well as a communications receiver during today’s EVA. Performing a spacewalk is never routine- astronauts run through both extremes in temperature as they pass through one complete day-night cycle every 90 minutes. Danger even exists and has been identified by NASA engineers in the form of glove cuts and abrasions due to spalling on handrails caused by micrometeoroid impacts.

Be sure to watch the EVA in progress live as it progresses today… let us know if this weekly segment grabs you as well. We could boost it up to “Space Video Of the Day” if there’s enough interest!


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