June 7, 2020

Review: Contagion Toxic City Book Three by Tim Lebbon

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Escaping from an embattled  London has never been tougher. This week, we take a look at a near-future apocalyptic landscape with our review of Contagion: Toxic City Book Three by Tim Lebbon out next month from Pyr Books. Fans of this space will remember our action-packed reviews of London Eye: Toxic City Book One and Reaper’s Legacy: Toxic City Book Two.

Newsflash: fans of the series can also rejoice, as ABC TV is working on the development of the Toxic City series into a future scifi series titled Evolve!

In Book Three of the enduring post-apocalyptic saga, we find our heroes and heroines back in a quarantined London. Word on the cyber-street is that ABC’s Evolve will be set in Los Angeles. Between this summer’s Elysium and badies but goodies like Battle for Los Angeles, L.A. is fast becoming Hollywood’s favorite science fiction city to decimate.

But now back to not-so-jolly old England, where Jack and his friends must comb a city now fraught with mutated danger for trapped friends and loved ones. While most of Britain believes the capital city to be a wasteland after the initial terrorist attack that started the whole mess (and the saga), Jack and his crew have learned otherwise. The horrible truth is that mutated gangs known as the Choppers are now roaming the streets, and the survivors of the city themselves are evolving in new and terrifying ways. Jack and his partner Lucy-Anne are discovering that they are inheriting mutated powers as well, but will it come fast enough to stop the Choppers and their ultimate plan of destruction?

It is in this setting that Jack and Lucy-Anne are befriended by the mysterious Nomad, an individual that may hold the key to the entire dilemma. The race is then on, as the Choppers seek an endgame using a hidden nuclear bomb to complete the destruction of London that the terrorist attack started in the eve of the first book.

Can Jack find the bomb, or at least warn and evacuate the remaining residents of a shattered London before it’s too late?  This also sets the stage for Jack to have a showdown with an old family member, whose new alliance may not come down on the side that you’d think it would.

I’ll stop there, lest spoilers ensue. We thoroughly enjoyed the three-book Toxic City series, and see room for more sequels, especially if the ABC TV series Evolve proves to be successful. We’d put Contagion up there against other young adult science fiction series such as In Thunder Forged, The Lazarus Machine, and yes, even The Hunger Games saga which seems to be the benchmark for most Young Adult fiction these days (can’t wait for the Catching Fire movie in November!)

Read Contagion for a fast-paced, action-packed romp around post-apocalyptic London. And be sure to get in on the action now before Jack, Lucy-Anne, Nomad and the Choppers come to life in ABC’s Evolve!

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