December 17, 2018

Week 12: A Cheyenne Respite

Buffalo roam(ing)… All photos by the author.

Not all days on the road are created the same. We discussed this phenomena early on in our current sabbatical, of how movement days versus exploration days versus maintenance days stack up. The problem frequently comes when you end up sacrificing one for the other; spend every day packing, moving from point A to B, unpacking and exploring B and then repeating said pattern day after day, and laundry, errands and other miscellaneous chores begin to pile up.

Our brief sojourn across the field into Colorado…

This past week has seen us pretty much stationary and out of exploration mode. We’ve been cooling our heels in Cheyenne, Wyoming for about a week and catching our breath before we hop over the continental divide this coming weekend. We knew we’d eventually slow down a bit in August, though we had no idea where we’d do it.

As I write this, we’ve pitched our tent on the Famcamp on F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne. It’s not a bad deal at 10$ a night, and a 10$ upgrade got us an RV spot closer to the wifi router with electrical power. Hey, we’re not barbarians here. The military base campground option hadn’t even occurred to us until we realized that most other developed campgrounds would run us nearly the price of a hotel.

Surveying the wilds of Wyoming.

While camping, we can recoup costs by cooking our own food and giving our Jeep Liberty a rest from the road. Of course, the onset of Fall and Winter will offer new challenges, as many campgrounds tend to shut down after Labor Day weekend… our hip pocket plan is currently to head southward as winter sets in.

And camping isn’t without its challenges. Passage through a tent is all about small moves, and everything must be done deliberately. Need something from the car? My mind immediately searches for at least three other micro-errands that’ll make stepping outside of the tent worthwhile… and then there’s the 2AM call to nature, when a fully-clothed trip to the bathroom in the cold seems like an epic journey.

Tent life on F.E. Warren Air Force Base.

But it’s great to be in our own space again, no matter how humble it may be. And you just can’t beat campground coffee, straight out of a French Press. We’ve even had a chance to play hooky for a day and catch movies (Guardians of the Galaxy, to be precise) like normal folk.

A Supermoon-set over Cheyenne, Wyoming.

F.E. Warren AFB is a fascinating place, a base we missed out on during our Air Force career. The antelopes outnumber the people here, and the bluffs surrounding the camp site make for some stunning sunset views. The base was an old Army post built in the early days of the railroad, and most of the old historical buildings are still standing and are occupied. I wonder if the originally cavalry soldiers stationed here in the 19th century could conceive of the nuclear-tipped Armageddon managed today from the base by the 90th Missile Wing?

A planetary discussion spotted at the Paramount Cafe in downtown Cheyenne.

We live in strange times, for sure. This Friday, we plan on picking up stakes once again and striking out westward, with writing, errands and (most importantly) laundry caught up, at least for now.

More to come!


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