April 2, 2020

Review: Search and Recovery by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

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Things are heating up in the Retrieval Artist Universe.  We recently completed book four in the eight book Anniversary Day saga by Kristine Kathryn Rusch as part of our ongoing campaign to catch up with the growing pile of review books that have stacked up while we were on a one year sabbatical.

The Anniversary Day saga follows the aftermath of a massive attack on human colonies on Earth’s Moon and the efforts to uncover just who was behind them. Fans of the series and this space will recall our reviews of Book 2: Blowback and Book 3: A Murder of Clones. We’ve also reviewed The Enemy Within by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, as well as one of our all time faves, the Diving into the Wreck saga.

Search and Recovery may be the best book in the Anniversary Day saga yet. The Anniversary Day series is a who-dunnit of cosmic proportions, as the pieces of a vast conspiracy fall slowly into place.  Based in the Retrieval Artist universe, Search and Recovery looks at the Anniversary Day bombings from a unique and sometimes personal angle of the survivors. The attacks killed thousands, and Search and Recovery fills in some vital clues of the puzzle as a whole. It’s definitely an indispensable book in the series overall.

But even as human civilization struggles to recover and understand the Anniversary Day attacks, there are those who would profiteer off the Moon colonies’ misfortune. Luc Deshin knows that in order to get answers, he’ll have to go back in to the criminal underworld that he thought he’d left behind. Just as the mysterious alien attack shattered the domes on Armstrong station and surrounding domes on the Moon, so the Anniversary Day attacks continue to shatter the lives of those with loved ones lost. But does one evil justify the use of another?

Fast-paced and smart, Search and Recovery is a fine addition to the galactic political intrigue of the Retrieval Artist universe and the Anniversary Day saga. We also like the dimension of immediacy that this particular book brings to the Anniversary Day attacks as they unfold. This is often the reality of such Black Swan-style events, as rumors fly and vital information as to the scale and extent of the attack becomes scarce in the face of mounting fear and panic. The author also explains towards the very beginning the breakneck pace she set to finish the books, and why she wrote them out of sequence chronologically. I actually like the fact that Search and Recovery is a sort of stand-alone tale in a much larger context… but still be sure to start back on book one. And here we are, only half way through the series with four more books to go!

Be sure to read Search and Recovery as a pivotal part of the Anniversary Day saga!

Next review: brass cogs turn and airships fly, as we’re busily working to finish the Fiction River short story collection Alchemy and Steam. More to come!

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