March 31, 2020

Review: The Peyti Crisis by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

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Things are heating up in the Retrieval Artist Universe.

We just finished Book Five in the Anniversary Day Saga, entitled The Peyti Crisis. Out earlier this year courtesy of WMG Publishing, this eight part series by prolific author Kristine Kathryn Rusch follows a surprise attack on Earth’s Moon and the confusion and mystery that follows.

You can read our reviews of Book 2 (Blowback), Book 3 (A Murder of Clones) and Book 4 (Search and Recovery) as well.

Who is behind the Anniversary Day attacks on Armstrong Colony? The first round of surprise attacks by an unknown agent nearly shattered Earth’s Moon and devastated humanity; a second round of attacks was nearly just as severe. Enter the inscrutable Peyti into the tale, a race with their own alien agendas. The series gets high marks for depicting alien species and races as truly alien, with strange motives and bizarre cultures to match. Add to this the puzzle of clones and their role in the attacks, and you’ve got a cosmic whodunit of intergalactic proportions.

Lunar Chief of Security Noelle DeRicci finds herself thrust headlong into the fray, attempting to identify the attackers and their motives before it’s too late.  To this end, she enlists the talents of detective Bartholomew Nyquist and ace retrieval artist Miles Flint to help solve the mystery. DeRicci is a strong lead protagonist who isn’t afraid to go outside the box to get things done.

The author expanded the original three book story arc into the eight book opus, fully fleshing out and enhancing the rich universe of the Anniversary Day saga embedded in the Retrieval Artist Universe. You can read The Peyti Crisis and the Anniversary Day books even if you’ve never picked up a Retrieval Artist Universe novel, though we suggest you start back with Book 1: Anniversary Day and work your way forward.

Rusch’s cross-genre writing skills really shine in The Peyti Crisis and the Anniversary Day saga. She’s not only a seasoned science fiction author, but she’s also penned tales in the genres of romance, mystery and much more as well. This all blends to give the Anniversary Day saga the feel of a good mystery and detective story set in a futuristic space opera backdrop.

The Peyti Crisis also depicts humanity on the edge, as even trusted intergalactic allies are now eyed with suspicion in the wake of the Anniversary Day bombings that rocked Earth’s Moon… we’ll be moving on to review Book 6 entitled Vigilantes for this December.

What would alien law look like? Read The Peyti Crisis for a glimpse of Law and Order: Extraterrestrial Unit to find out!

Also check out our reviews of Diving into the Wreck, Skirmishes, Snipers, and The Enemy Within, also by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, follow the author on Twitter as @KristineRusch and her blog KrisWrites.

Next Week: We’ll be waxing poetic over The 2015 Rhysling Anthology edited by Rich Ristow featuring the very best in poetry via the Science Fiction Poetry Association… hey, Wednesday reviews might just be a ‘thing’ once again!

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