June 3, 2020

Astronomy Video of the Week: Skiing the Eclipse

A screen-cap from the Svalbard eclipse documentary.

Image credit: Salomon FreeSki TV

What’s more thrilling than a total solar eclipse? Mounting an expedition to capture one from a unique and unseen angle…

A recent team from Salomon Freeski TV did just that. Earlier this year, a total solar eclipse graced the high arctic. A few hardy souls braved the fickle weather of the North Atlantic sea to witness the brief moments of totality. Getting to the eclipse was tricky, as it only crossed over land for the Faroe and Svalbard Islands.

The Freeski TV team, however, kicked up the eclipse cinematography challenge a notch, and the results are simply astounding:

The planning required to catch the team silhouetted against the outline of the partially eclipsed Sun, and totality against the distant craggy rocks is amazing to consider. The team also had to contend with the springtime threat of hungry polar bears. And of course, the weather over Svalbard had to cooperate. The documentary won Best Snow Sports Film at the 2015 Banff Mountain Film Festival and Best Visual Film at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival.

An amazing meld of ‘extreme astronomy’ indeed!

Note- this will be our last entry for Astronomy Video of the Week. As we hit the road globe-trotting once again, we’re moving Astroguyz back to our roots: as a travelogue of our astro-adventures. Don’t worry, we’ll wrap up our ongoing final free fiction Friday tale and review obligations in 2015, then it’s on to adventure in 2016. More to come!


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