June 5, 2020

Review: Vigilantes by Kristine Katherine Rusch

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Ready for some legal action of astronomical proportions? This week, as part of our campaign to wrap up some of the review books we received last summer after our return back to Florida from our great American road trip, we’re reviewing Vigilantes out from WMG Publishing by prolific author Kristine Kathryn Rusch. This is a novel set in her Retrieval Artist universe, and book six in the eight part Anniversary Day saga.

Vigilantes follows in the footsteps on the previous novels as an inter-galactic ‘who dunnit’ following the effects and aftermath of the Anniversary Day attacks on human colonies on Earth’s Moon. What we particularly love is the different stripe and flavor of each book and novel in the series, As the tales of the events and those swept up in it is woven through an intricate plot line are told. If you’ve never picked up a Retrieval Artist novel, you can still start into the Anniversary day saga… but we highly advise you start back with the very first book in the series, Anniversary Day. The plot and everything else that happens in novels afterwards hinges on that crucial first book.

Vigilantes finds Noelle DeRicci back in her role as the Chief Security Officer for the remaining human bases on the Moon, searching for answers in the wake of the first series of attacks, while all along trying to avert a second attack. The recent crisis with the inscrutable and alien Peyti also looms large, along with the realization that the Moon and humanity’s scattered presence across space is all too vulnerable. The presence of clones is a wild card piece to the puzzle as well. The Peyti also have a curious concept to their law known as ‘legal fiction,’ a nifty plot device showing how alien law and concepts of justice might be just as bizarre as the aliens themselves.

All is progressing well in DeRicci’s routine investigation, when a murder sends her search deep into the heart of the Earth Alliance. Can the usually ‘by the book’ DeRicci keep this borderline legal but necessary investigation under wraps before another attack occurs? The Anniversary Day saga keeps you in suspense, looking to jump into the next installment as the plot unfolds.

We’ll be moving on to Book 7: Starbase Human after we complete a read through and review of the 2015 Nebula Awards Showcase in the coming weeks.

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That’s it for now… will update our travel adventures on Friday. Wanna see the weekly sci-fi and/or science fact book reviews make a come back? Got a fave or a hot new book or series that’s out there for us to review? Let us know, we’re always looking for old and new directions to take Astroguyz, and we do miss doing reviews.

Stay tuned, the year 2016 is still young!


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