January 21, 2020

Running in Morocco

Rocking the Kasbah along the Rabat waterfront…

It’s here. Remember a few weeks back when we wrote about keeping up a running regimen while traveling? Well, we forgot one of the most important moving parts of the whole shtick: where to run.

If you travel and stay at hostels and Air BnBs like we do, asking the doorman is typically not an option. Usually, our first run in a new town is strictly reconnaissance, a quick out and back look at the new environs. Sometimes, we’ll follow a local runner (without looking too stalker-ish, of course) to see if they know where to run. Parks and waterfronts are also often a good bet. And of course, we’re often Googling ‘where to run in (blank)’ the first morning in a new place.

But the info isn’t always readily available in dusty far way places. Hence, our new running series here at ye ole Astroguyz. Follow our travels, and we’ll let you in on what we’ve found, in hopes of providing you with a pleasant, effective, twisted ankle-free run.

This week, we’ll tackle the first three locales we’ve stopped at whilst running in Morocco. Urban running in Morocco can be a challenge, as sidewalks are often uneven, drop off suddenly, and often serve as secondary roads for over-enthusiastic motorists.

Where to Run in Tangier

We’ll admit, we never found a stellar place to run during our brief stay in the eastern part of the city, though the sidewalks widen out a bit near the Hilton, KFC and the new Mall near the central train station. Unfortunately, the beach is pretty much torn up with a flurry of construction, though it looks like there will be a stunning promenade along the waterfront one day. For now, though, its tread carefully among the rebar and traffic.

Where to Run in Asilah

We had better luck running in the quaint seaside town of Asilah. During our 17 day stay, we established a good fast 5-K course going up past the cemetery, down the long double wide N1 street, past MIA hostel and two traffic circles and over the bridge towards the train station. From there, a long run brings you back along the waterfront past the yellow totem sculpture, straight back to the medina. The medina itself is clean and a fun, if a bit slower run. Head out towards the southwest corner of the medina and you can go all the way out onto a short breakwater, jutting out into the Atlantic, providing dramatic views.

Where to Run in Rabat

In the capital city of Rabat, we’ve found the closest hing yet to a runner’s nirvana; rolling hills, wide boulevards, and a scenic waterfront jog up past the hilltop Kasbah. It’s an easy one hour run from our current Air BnB down past the Kasbah and what has to be one of the most scenic graveyards in the world along the Atlantic coast.

Well, that catches us up to our running adventures in Morocco thus far. Next up we’ll start doing targeted posts for exclusive locations, such as running in Casablanca and areas further down the Atlantic Coast of Morocco. Also, we’ve got the added challenge of finding new running shoes to replace our chewed up Asics. They’re currently being held together by duct tape, so the clock is ticking on just how many more runs they’ll last. And finding American Bigfoot size twelve running shoes in Morocco is challenging, to say the least!

-All screenshots from Android/S. Health/Google Maps.

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