June 3, 2020

November 2008: News & Notes.

STS-125 Update: The final servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope is still officially on hold status, although an unofficial date of February 12th, 2009 is under current review. On October 25th, NASA engineers announced the reactivation of the main camera out of safe mode, which is certainly encouraging. The shuttle Endeavour, STS-126 headed for the International Space Station, now moves into the forward launch slot. Endeavour, formerly a backup to Atlantis, is slated to launch on November 14th.  

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Possible Impact Tonite!

   A quick shout out; asteroid 2008 TC3 is forecast to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere early in the AM Tuesday morning over Sudan. The tiny NEO is about 10 meters in diameter, and is scheduled to burn up at about 2:46 UT on October 7th, 2008. It may put on quite a show! We here at Astroguyz composed a quick video in Starry Night and posted it at our companion Youtube site. The view in the video is from the perspective of the asteroid coming in over the night side of the Earth. The asteroid itself will be visible to the Eastern US a few hours prior to impact, but of course, weather prospects don’t look good!