January 25, 2020

Review: A Classic 1x Finder!

A true classic... (All photos by Author).

A true classic... (All photos by Author).

†† Sometimes the simplest devices are the most ingenious. The week, we take a look at the astronomerís secret weapon; the Telrad Finder.†Anyone who has spent any amount of time with a telescope knows that accurate pointing is a true challenge. When you are sweeping the sky at even moderate magnifications, you may be looking at a field of view much smaller than the Full Moon, itself only the size of a fingernail at armís length. [Read more...]

Mirror Collimation; Some Tips & Tricks.

This week, we here at ye ole Astroguyz are going to delve into an oft avoided but crucial technique that will allow you to get the most out of your shinny new (or old!) reflecting telescope; the fine art of mirror collimation. Sure, nearly every owner’s manual gives you a how to, but I’m going to share some neat tricks learned in the field through years of mistakes and experience. Ready? Let’s collimate!

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