June 6, 2020

16.10.11: Tales of a Tiny Moon.

A Distant Hunter’s Moon! (Photo by Author).

We thought we’d take this brief weekend moment to share with you the recent fruits of our astro-labor. As good fans and followers of this space know, last Tuesday’s Hunter’s Moon also marked the visually smallest of the year, as Full phase was reached only hours before apogee. [Read more...]

Astro-Event: The Smallest Full Moon of the Year!!!

Can you see the difference? (Photo by Author).

The Full Hunter’s Moon this Tuesday night ushers in the ultimate non-event (well, next to the 2012 “galactic-axis alignment doomsday scenario!”) but unlike like that whole debacle, this one is interesting and real. Sure, everyone commemorates the largest apparent Full Moon of the year, but few mark this month’s, which is its antithesis as the smallest.

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