May 31, 2020

01.02.2011: NEOWISE: Mission Accomplished.

An orbiting sentinel recently completed its secondary science mission. WISE, NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, recently completed an all sky survey for Near Earth Objects (NEOs). Launched in December 2009, WISE’s primary mission was an all sky survey in the infrared spectrum.

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Review: NASA’s Moonbase Alpha.

It’s hard to weld in a spacesuit… This week, we take a look at Moonbase Alpha. No, this isn’t a resurrection of the 70’s TV series Space: 1999 re-imagined, but NASA’s new online interactive game. We’ve been playing it for a few weeks now since its release in early July. Just how does its authenticity, educational use, and just plain fun factor stack up?

Right off, I’ll admit that we’re not much for online gaming; I get beaten regularly by my computer at chess, mastered Age of Empires II on my Razor while sitting through endless streams of meetings, and wasted a mints worth of quarters playing Asteroids as a kid. [Read more...]