December 10, 2019

28.04.11: Can You Say “Pioneer Non-nomaly?”

Every advocate of alternative physics’ favorite spacecraft anomaly has been finally laid to rest recently. In 1972 & 1973 The Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft were sent on trajectories past Jupiter and Saturn that would take them out of the solar system. Now at a distance of 103 and 83 A.U. moving at 11.5 km per second, these spacecraft fell silent in 2003.

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Adventures along the Maine Solar System Model

ver wanted to cruise the solar system? A new project in Northern Maine enables you to do just that! Located in Aroostook county, the Maine Solar System Model is the largest complete representation of our solar system in the world. Conceived by the Univeristy of Maine at Presque Isle and completed in the traditional “9″ planet configuration in June 14th of 2003, the model is based on a 1:93,000,000 mile scale, meaning that a mile on the model essentialy equals one astronomical unit.

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