June 5, 2020

My Next ATM Project

Hey, how about that Full Wolf Moon this past weekend? We here at Astroguyz HQ managed to shoot some rising stills on Saturday, as well as put together a hyper cool video;

But on to this week’s post. This time around, I would like to make a proposal, and a challenge, mostly to myself. Loyal fans will remember my first voyage into amateur telescope making with the <50$ Stovepipe Scope. [Read more...]

Astro-event for October 6th-12th, 2008: Spot the Hubble Space Telescope!

I almost didn’t do this weeks’ event. The Hubble space telescope is in trouble. This past week, the failure of Hubble’s Control Unit- Side A has meant that the telescope is effectively crippled in space; engineers will attempt to transfer services to the Side -B backup, which hasn’t been used since the telescope was put in orbit in 1990.

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