May 25, 2020

May 2014: Life in the Astroblogosphere: Two Ways to Observe the Universe

Astro-gear, old and new.

It was one of the biggest blessings and curses as a teenager and astronomy enthusiast growing up in Northern Maine back in the pre-internet days of the 1980ís.

An interest in astronomy Ė or any academic pursuit, for that matter Ė was largely a solitary affair, conducted mainly in a vacuum. Once I had devoured the two outdated books on astronomy or any topic of interest at the local public library, it was up to me to simply approach and learn the night sky. The Bangor Daily News ran one monthly column on astronomy by science writer Clair Wood, and the Farmerís Almanac gave local rising and setting times for my location. [Read more...]

Review: Science Illustrated Magazine.

Science in Vivid Focus! (Photo by Author).

Way back in the 80ís, in the era of floppy disks, Apple IIeís and hair rock was a magazine called Science Digest. It was one of the first periodicals to combine cutting-edge scientific research with a glossy, Readerís Digest-meets-National Geographic style of approach for the masses. This was one of the first magazine subscriptions I had as a kid, and provided a very tenuous link to real science research growing up in a rural area in the pre-Internet age. [Read more...]

March 2010: Life in the Astro-Blogosphere.

This month, spring and the vernal equinox†are in the air in the northern hemisphere; time for warmer temps, shortening nights and hopefully, a buffer between the cold of winter and the eventual swarms of summer mosquitoes that are the bane of many an observer. What follows is a brief rundown of all things astronomical that are floating through our respective transom here at Astroguyz HQ;

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