July 22, 2019

Review: A New American Space Plan by Travis Taylor.

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We’ve been saddled with an often schizophrenic space initiative.  Programs are launched in one political administration only to get cancelled in another. Comprises build mushrooming projects, as the International Space Station is seen by some as a “camel which is a horse built by consensus.” All of this is occurring in an era of change, with ever-dwindling budgets across the board. This is our ying-yang moment of crisis and opportunity. If the author of this week’s review has his way, we’d finally lay out a true long term vision for manned and unmanned space travel… [Read more...]

Week 2: A Full Moonrise along the Space Coast & More!

Pool-side solar observing at the Grandview Gardens in West Palm Beach, Florida.

(All photos by Author).

Long time followers of this space will know that we’re no stranger to the Florida Space Coast. This is the hallowed Graceland to which all Space Tweeps must eventually return to. This past week saw the second week of the great Astroguyz American Road trip, as we departed West Palm Beach for a journey up through Cocoa Beach and onward to Jekyll Island and Liberty County, Georgia.

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Launch Chasing Worldwide.

Visiting the Florida Space Coast? One of the biggest questions we get here at Astroguyz HQ is where is a good spot to watch a launch from. Certainly, the final launches of the Space Shuttle may see record numbers of viewers; getting that front row “causeway ticket” may be next to impossible.

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