May 24, 2020

Astro-Challenge: Groombridge 34; a Nearby Red Dwarf Pair!

Sure, everyone’s heard of Alpha Centauri, but have you ever heard of… Groombridge 34? We came across this little known binary red dwarf pair while perusing Burnham’s Celestial Handbook last month during our write up for M31. Also in the constellation Andromeda, Groombridge 34 is a unique system; a pair of red dwarf flare stars relatively close to our own solar system. At 11.62 light years, its the 16th closest stellar system to our own. The separation of the two stars are about 147 Astronomical units (A. U.s) (for reference, Pluto is about 50 A.U.s from the sun!) in a estimated 2,600 year orbit.

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December 2009:Life in the Astro Blog-o-Sphere.

Coming to a December sky near you: The beginning of the month of December finds Astroguyz south of the equator exploring the environs of Quito, Ecuador and the surrounding area. Expect posts on such southern sky wonders as the Large & Small Magellanic Clouds, and perhaps a tour of the oldest observatory in South America. Will we endure the pseudo-science and contraversy that is the equator? Stay tuned. In more familiar skies, we visit an unfamiliar object: Groombridge 34.

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