March 30, 2020

Review: Christmas Ghosts edited by Kristine Grayson

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A strange dichotomy exists between Halloween and Christmas.  Not only to the two holidays have their roots in pre-Christian celebrations— Hallows Eve marks an approaching cross quarter day, and Christmas stakes out the Winter Solstice —but both seem to strike a primal chord of fear and hope.

And as stories such as Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol remind us, the two holidays go hand in hand. And hey, Halloween is the closest thing to a traditional holiday that speculative fiction has, right? [Read more...]

The Rise of Glovelite.

In our never-ending quest to explore the cosmos, we here at Astroguyz HQ probably own more red lights than conventional flashlights. As we mentioned last month in our post about tips for observing, light at red wavelengths can give us star chart reading capability while still preserving that all important night vision.

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