June 1, 2020

Variable Star Observing 101.

An artist’s conception of an accreting binary system. (Credit: NASA).

Bored and looking for something new to do in astronomy? Tired of hauling out that imaging rig you took out a 2nd mortgage for just to see “how M31 looks in my 10-inch SCT tonight?” Let me introduce you to the fun field of variable star observing, an exciting endeavor that you can actually contribute some real science to. But first, a little history; [Read more...]

Astro-Event of the Week; March 2nd-8th, 2009; Hind’s Crimson Star.

The astro-challenge for this week is a very special sort of variable star… I give you Hind’s Crimson Star in the constellation Lepus, the Hare. Looking for something unique to impress folks with at the next star party? Carbon stars are the sure ticket for oohs and ahhs! [Read more...]