August 20, 2019

Review: Operation Shield by Joel Shepherd

Out on April 8th!

If thereís one thing we love, itís a non-stop space opera action adventure. Military science fiction has really come of its own over the past decades, as first popularized by Robert Heinlein and his classic Starship Troopers.

But what of the soldiers themselves? And what of a world where soldiers are custom tailored to fight and die? This week, weíre excited to bring you our review of the latest Cassandra Kresnov novel out from author†Joel Shepherd and Pyr Books entitled Operation Shield. [Read more...]

Review: 23 Years on Fire by Joel Shepherd

On sale now!

Donít mess with Cassandra Kresnov.

Next week, everyoneís favorite techno-android assassin is back in a fast-paced science fiction thriller thatís sure to impress.

In 23 Years On Fire by Joel Shepherd out in early September from Pyr Books, we are hurled along with Cassandra and crew into a military technological juggernaut spanning multiple future human worlds. [Read more...]