May 29, 2020

August 2013: This Month in Science Fiction

This month’s science fiction action is as hot as an August summer. Have you caught Europa Report? How ‘bout Elysium? Or After Earth, or the Tom Cruise science fiction adventure Oblivion? Even the superhero adventures have been hotter than ever, from The Man of Steel to Iron Man 3. Smashed moons, from Krypton’s Wegthor  to Earth’s very own Luna are now in vogue, but otherwise, there has been nary a dud in the summer sci-fi season. And the year’s not over, as we anticipate Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Enders Game and Gravity for the Fall cycle of movies as well.   [Read more...]

Review: Tiger by the Tail by John Ringo and Ryan Sear

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Always count on a spec ops team to get the job done. Or, as in the case of this week’s review, deliver the goods on action and adventure. Tiger by the Tail by John Ringo and Ryan Sear is a first rate, no-holds-barred action-fest that spans Southeast Asia. Out from Baen Books, the book is a standalone work in the Paladin of Shadows series. [Read more...]