June 4, 2020

Book Review: Down to the Bone













What a great way to end a series.  Down to the Bone is Book Five in Justina Robson’s Quantum Gravity series, and in my opinion, is the best of the bunch.  Lila Black — the sexy, shape shifting, polygamous, cyborg heroine — and her motley crew go on their final and biggest adventure to resolve personal and multi-dimensional issues.

There’s resolution of some sort for everyone, but only after heart-rending, life threatening tasks that give the reader no clear clue as to the direction the final hour will take. Our trio/quartet of main characters are themselves, but not.  Each has morphed to another level of being.  Lila is plugged into the Signal 24/7 these days. She has the ability to change her appearance at will.  Zal, the demon rock-star and one of Lila’s two spouses, lives as a shadow which is given form by firelight. Teazle, Lila’s other husband, is on his way to becoming an angel.

This trio and a good sized supporting cast must return the dead to their world, manage the ancient evils that are also attempting to enter this world, and deal with the personal revelations that come to each along the way. The journey is gripping for all, including the reader. I believe Robson chose the perfect exit for the Quantum Gravity group. It’s well written, plot rich, character heavy, and a heck of a ride.

I’m hoping Lila et al find their way into another Robson creation. I’ll miss them, and I still maintain that this series would really lend itself well to anime or graphic novel format.