June 23, 2017

24.08.09: STS-128; A Dramatic Night-time Spaceshot!

A Spectacular Night Launch! (Credit: NASA/Art Explosion).

A Spectacular Night Launch! (Credit: NASA/Art Explosion).

This last week of August marks the return of the Space Shuttle to low-Earth orbit; Discovery is next up with mission STS-128 and an early morning launch on Tuesday, August 25th at 1:36 AM EDT. This should provide quite a light show to the Florida Space Coast for hundreds of miles around! [Read more...]

Astro Event of the Week; November 10th-16th; The Launch of STS-126.


The Crew of STS-126. (Credit: NASA).

   One of the very few remaining shuttle launches will be occurring this week; STS-126  is scheduled to launch on November 14th at 7:55 P.M. EST (yes, another spectacular night launch!) and dock with the ISS on Day 3. [Read more...]