February 25, 2018

20.03.11: An Occultation Update.

Mu Geminorum ingress…(Photo by Author).

This Super-moon Sunday, we’d just like to give a brief self promotional shout-out to an astronomical success we had last weekend. Last Sunday we managed to catch the occultation of the 4th magnitude star Mu Geminorum by the waxing gibbous moon from Astroguyz HQ here in Hudson, Florida; [Read more...]

19.03.11: Our Moon… in Cosmic Rays.

The tech behind the map: LRO’s Cosmic RAy Telescope for the Effects of Radiation instrument. (Credit: NASA/LRO).

Sure, you’ve seen the Moon countless times, and perhaps you’ve been drawn out, zombie-like to view this weekend’s “Super-Moon,” but have you ever seen the moon in… cosmic rays?  This is but one gem that has come out of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). [Read more...]