April 7, 2020

Friday Review: Gulp. By Mary Roach

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Author Mary Roach has a knack for taking our modern manicured life and looking just underneath its surface for the truly bizarre. Fans of this space will remember our review of her previous space-based opus, Packing for Mars. For her latest adventure, the author takes us from the depths of outer space to the brave new worlds of inner space as we explore the digestive tract, literally from one end to the other. [Read more...]

Review: A New American Space Plan by Travis Taylor.

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We’ve been saddled with an often schizophrenic space initiative.  Programs are launched in one political administration only to get cancelled in another. Comprises build mushrooming projects, as the International Space Station is seen by some as a “camel which is a horse built by consensus.” All of this is occurring in an era of change, with ever-dwindling budgets across the board. This is our ying-yang moment of crisis and opportunity. If the author of this week’s review has his way, we’d finally lay out a true long term vision for manned and unmanned space travel… [Read more...]

Review: Packing for Mars by Mary Roach.

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Behind every modern day manned mission to space is a fascinating tale of how we got there and what it’s truly like to live and work in such a bizarre and hostile environment. If the average American does bother to watch NASA TV, they rarely stop to think of what amount of planning and preparation goes in to putting humans into space. [Read more...]