April 7, 2020

Review: The Quantum Universe by Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw.

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Quantum physics is perhaps the most arcane field of research out there today. It’s a field where particles pop in and out of existence, actions happen at a distance, and cats in boxes appear to be both alive and dead depending on the actions of the observer. Although there has been much written on the odd world of quantum physics, there are very few books out there for the curious layperson. [Read more...]

Review: Quantum Man by Lawrence M. Krauss.

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Once a generation or so, a mind comes along that not only spans the interdisciplinary chasms, but also propels our insight ahead by generations. Such a mind belonged to physicist Richard Feynman, the subject of this week’s review, Quantum Man by Lawrence M. Krauss out by Norton books as part of their Great Discoveries series. [Read more...]

Review: How the Hippies Saved Physics by David Kaiser.

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Few of us ever stop to think of how culture affects the history of science or vice versa, or the case of this week’s review, the impact of counter-culture on the same. We’re talking about How the Hippies Saved Physics by David Kaiser, out earlier this summer from Norton Books. A far-out trip back in space and time, Hippies is a fascinating look at the state of modern physics in the 1960’s, a time of upheaval for the country in general from which science was not immune. [Read more...]

Review: Cowboy Angels by Paul McAuley.

The siren song of alternative timelines is a tempting one. Are there other realities blossoming constantly from our own? Is there a reality out there where Brittany Spears is president, or World War II never happened? Or are things finitely probable but largely impossible? This week, we take a look at Paul McAuley’s new book, the Cowboy Angels out from Pyr Books.

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