April 10, 2020

08.02.11: A Standard Candle Re-tweak?

The size of a proton. The definition of a planet. The Periodic Table. One of the hallmarks of science is the ability to alter and modify what we know as new information comes to light. Of course, this is much to the chagrin of the man on the street, who likes his science bit-sized, tweet-able, and unchanging…

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Astro Event: An Interesting Equatorial Galaxy.

Many northern hemisphere observers many not realize the wealth of galaxies that exist in the late fall sky. This week, we look at an interesting galaxy that transits to the south right around 9 PM local time; M77. Also known as NGC 1068, this large extended galaxy sports a bright nucleus shining a magnitude of about +10. Under moderate magnifications with a good-sized aperture telescope perhaps three distinct spiral arms can be seen.

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