January 23, 2020

Week 6: Homeward Bound.

Sights near & far!

(All photos by Author).

Home. As Mad Max might say, “wherever you go, well, there you are,” but in the end, it’s great to come back into your own domain. Well, at least until you look at the pile of mail and backed up writing projects (such as finishing this six week article) that lies ahead. But just as Batman has his Batcave and Superman has his Fortress of Solitude, we too have Astroguyz HQ, wherever on this Big Blue Marble it might currently be located. The last week of 2012 saw us make the pilgrimage from South Carolina across Georgia and back into the great state of Florida. [Read more...]

Week 3: Exploring Georgia Dark Sky Country and an Appalachian Observatory!

Lasing Jupiter! (All pics by the Author).

Not much remains of our national dark skies along the U.S. East Coast. As more and more of civilization encroaches on these formerly pristine astronomical preserves, serious astrophotographers find they must drive ever-increasing distances to find the truly dark skies they love.

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