July 22, 2019

Running in Essaouira, Morocco

Goats… in Trees!

Headed to the beach in Morocco this summer? Our recent adventures along the country’s Atlantic coast brought us to the “Windy City of Africa” Essaouira. And, as is always the case, our thoughts rapidly turned to the eternal question of ‘where to run?’ without twisting an ankle.

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Running in Casablanca

Scenic El Hank lighthouse at sunset.

Most tourists briefly transit the port city of Casablanca en route to further afield. And while the largest city in Morocco is more of the economic engine of the country than a touristic stop, it’s one of those towns that dot each region filling a vital role: it’s a place for trekkers and travelers to get things done.

And we did just that this week, as we got some key pieces of clothing replaced, after a through search of several malls in the town. I’ve been holding my old running shoes together with duct tape for the last few months, no lie. Not only are Bigfoot American size 12 shoes a rarity in Morocco, but apparently, duct tape is a luxury item as well.

Successfully finding a new pair of running shoes was an exercise in studying conversion tables online and guessing Euro vs UK vs US shoe sizes, an approximate but arcane art at best. I couldn’t really afford to be choosy, as we had to work from the subset of shoes that were at least a US size 11 ˝. Suffice to say, we have shiny new Asics… that are the very first running shoes that we’ve owned in highlighter yellow. Hey, at least they’ll never get lost in the shuffle… [Read more...]