June 6, 2020

Review: London Eye: Toxic City Book One by Tim Lebbon.

On sale in October!

Pssst! Ever wanted to see the city of London laid in ruin? Have we got a book for you. It seems that as of late, post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction is all the rage. One has to wonder; is this a result of a global air pessimism and disillusionment in our modern world culture? [Read more...]

Review: Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner.

A Sci-Fi Classic!

This week, we’re reaching into our science fiction “way back” machine to review a perennial classic. Hey, eventually, we do get to ‘em all…

7 BILLION…A recent National Geographic front piece announced. That’s an estimate of how many living copies of Homo sapiens are projected to inhabit our fair planet this year. In passing said milestone, we thought it high time to read John Brunner’s 1968 classic, Stand on Zanzibar. Winner of the 1969 Hugo Award for Best Novel, Stand depicts a dystopian world culture in the early 21st century where the human population has reached said magical number. The thriving mass of humanity has done so via massive genetic engineering projects as well as by creating a world of tailor-made drug and behavior modifications that would have made Huxley proud. Sound familiar? Reach for another Prozac, and read on… [Read more...]