May 26, 2020

Astronomy Video of the Week: Protecting the Planet

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft at Saturn’s moon Enceladus.

(Image credit: JPL/NASA).

Where humans go, our bacterial biome follows… but how do we protect future pristine environments from, well, us? The SETI Institute recently published a fascinating discussion on the topic of planetary protection as part of its weekly SETI Talks series. Titled Integrating Planetary Protection in Human Missions, Dr. Margaret Race discusses the past, present and future issues surrounding the sterilization of interplanetary missions. Dr. Race is an expert in the field of planetary protection science. And besides its paramount importance, the title of ‘planetary protection officer’ is simply the Best. Job Title. Ever. [Read more...]

Astro-Vid Of the Week: Exotic SETI

Cepheid variable star RS Puppis. Credit: NASA/HST.

It’s arguably one of the greatest questions in modern science. Where are they? Are we truly rare as an intelligent species, or does our brand of curiosity permeate the cosmos?  We recently watched a fascinating presentation in the SETI Talks series by Tony Zee that brought up one interesting possibility, a mode of communication that might be staring us in the face right now. [Read more...]

Astro-Vid Of the Week: To The Asteroids & Beyond

An artist’s concept of asteroid capture.

(Credit: NASA).

We never miss a chance to catch the fascinating series of talks posted weekly on YouTube via the SETI Institute. Beyond just aliens, these thought expanding seminars cover the length and breadth of space science. Often, the talks are highly technical, but we almost always grab something out of even the advanced ones. [Read more...]

03.04.11: Alien or Aeolian?

This sunny Sunday morning, we’d like to point you towards an astro-video that floated through our cyber-transom. We’ve recently discovered the SETI Talks series on YouTube, and have become a hooked subscriber. These weekly talks feature a broad range of astronomers and researchers and are a fascinating look at cutting edge science as expressed by the scientists that are doing the research.

[Read more...]