June 4, 2020

June 2011: Life in the Astro-Blogosphere.

Awaiting darkness… (Photo by Author).

June is “hump month” here at Astroguyz HQ, as we approach the solstice, hurricane and thunderstorm season begins, and we slowly begin to start taking back the darkness. Now’s the time to overhaul that scope, align those mirrors, and await the return of dark skies. Here’s a brief look what’s up and coming from ye ole’ Astroguyz; [Read more...]

Attack of the Smartphones: A NASATweetup at the Johnson Space Flight Center!

We came, we saw, we tweeted profusely… last month’s Tweetup at the Johnson Spaceflight Center was a resounding success. Only the fourth official NASA tweetup ever held, this was the first at the JSC and the first attended by Astroguyz. What follows is a sort of after-action report, both of the JSC and the world of space-tweeting in general; [Read more...]

December 2009:Life in the Astro Blog-o-Sphere.

Coming to a December sky near you: The beginning of the month of December finds Astroguyz south of the equator exploring the environs of Quito, Ecuador and the surrounding area. Expect posts on such southern sky wonders as the Large & Small Magellanic Clouds, and perhaps a tour of the oldest observatory in South America. Will we endure the pseudo-science and contraversy that is the equator? Stay tuned. In more familiar skies, we visit an unfamiliar object: Groombridge 34.

[Read more...]

01.10.09: “Bozo” in Space?



Yesterday’s early AM TMA-16 Soyuz launch out of the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan carried a very unusual passenger. Guy Laliberte, Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Cirque du Soleil, blasted off 3:30 AM EDT with cosmonaut Maxim Surayev and US astronaut Jeffery Williams for an eventual docking on Friday. Laliberte paid a reputed 35$ million dollars US for his nine day stay on the International Space Station, where he also carries a message for the denizens of Earth; save our water. Laliberte’s One Drop Foundation plans to hold a global two hour show complete with concerts in 14 cities on October 9th to highlight the problem of our dwindling fresh water supply. Notables Shakira and Al Gore will take part. NASA remains ambivalent at best towards the idea of Space Tourism, but of course, the Russians and the start-up company Space Adventures are providing the ride… there are remarkable rumor rumblings that NASA may even abandon the as of yet completed station in 2015! Of course, the Russians say they’d gladly take up management… could NASA’s orbiting three-ring circus become the first “Big-Top in Space?” Laliberte is also an accomplished acrobat and fire-eater (I’d like to see him try that in space!)… He has also issued a warning to the crew of the ISS; beware of the mid-nite tickler!